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  • Our highly skilled Printer Experts will provide you a One-Stop Solution for all of your printer issues.
  • We provide complete setup and installation instructions for your Printer, technically assist in configuring your printer over a network and help you with troubleshooting your printer issues.

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HP Printer Windows Setup


We provide extensive information to 123.hp.com/setup, configure, install and use your HP Printer on your computer.
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HP Printer Mac Setup


If you are using a Macintosh interface and notice you’re having trouble in setting up your printer, then call us.
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HP Printer Smartphone Setup


Print documents and photos from your phone directly. Call us Right away to print from your smartphone.
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HP Printer Setup ( 123.hp.com/setup)

HP ePrint Setup

With a simple, good speed & active internet connection and an ePrint-enabled HP printer, the amazing and seamless HP ePrint service allows you to print from any where, any location across the world.
ePrint is a service provided that enables you to print from your printer from any corner of the world provided you have an active and a good speed Internet connection and your printer should be ePrint enabled.

  • Enabling ePrint
  • To enable ePrint you should set up Web Services on your Printer
  • Web Services Set Up
  • On the Home screen, touch the ePrint icon
  • Click Set Up
  • Click Accept to accept terms of use and enable Web Services.
  • Now to enable ePrint
  • Make sure the Web Services have been set up.
  • Click the ePrint icon on the Home screen.
  • You will find your printer’s email address on the Web Services summary menu.
  • On your computer or any other device open your email application.
  • Email the document to be printed to your printer’s email address.

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HP AirPrint Setup

An another convenient feature called HP AirPrint Setup allows your HP ePrint-enabled printer to connect to several devices, across various platforms through a simple wireless. Connect your iPad, iPhone and iPad Touch to this wonderfully convenient feature.

AirPrint helps you connect wirelessly your ePrint enabled printer to your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch with the Apple iOS v4.2 and later versions of the operating systems, and we provide full HP printer customer support for Mac also.

  • Your printer and your Apple device like the iPhone, are connected to the same wireless network.
  • Download Apple AirPrint onto your Apple device from the appstore.
  • Make note of your wireless Network name SSID (Service Set Identifier) and Password.
  • These credentials are important to connect your printer and the Apple device to your wireless network.
  • Open any document and tap AirPrint App.
  • Open the AirPrint App and go to the Printer Option.
  • Select your network and tap on Print to print your document.
  • You can print any web application, email or photo that supports Apple AirPrint.
  • You can also change the Page Range as shown in the image given above.

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HP Cloud Print Setup

The HP ePrint Setup uses the powerful Cloud Service to enable the user to print from any part of the world. Activate ePrint on your HP printer to enjoy this benefit.
Google Cloud Print is a service that connects your printers to the web.

  • These printers connect directly to the web.
  • Make sure your printer is cloud ready or is ePrint capable.
  • Open Google chrome
  • In a new tab open chrome:// devices
  • Click My Devices and check if your printer is listed under it
  • If your printer is listed under My Devices, then your printer is already registered with Google Cloud Print.
  • Click Manage to view the registered Google Cloud Print printers.
  • If it is listed under New Devices, click Register and print a confirmation page.
  • In some printers, you may be asked to complete the registration from the printer control panel.
  • If your printer is not listed, then make sure your printer is connected to the network or try connecting with your printer’s email address.

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HP Printer Windows 10 Support (download driver and get help from 123.hp.com/setup)

The HP Printer is designed to support all devices that employ Windows 10 Operating Systems. Find out how to install the Windows 10 drivers for a smooth printing experience. The service comes with a free upgrade!!

  • Ensure Your Printer and your Windows 10 Computer are connected to the same wired (Ethernet) or wireless network.
  • Go to Wi-Fi settings on your Windows 10 Computer device, and connect it to your wired or wireless network.
  • Open the document or an app like email, which has the file you want to print.
  • Click on the Print icon .
  • After the above step, a print preview screen appears in which you can select your printer and change any print settings, if necessary.
  • Once the necessary changes are made, click on Print.
  • It also gives you options like number of copies, color of the print, paper size, paper range and orientation.

If the print job isn’t printed then, it could be due to one of the following

  • Poor or no network available
  • Power saving mode is ON
  • Printer is OFF

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  • Go to setup.
  • Choose Network or Wireless Menu.
  • Touch Wireless Setup Wizard.
  • Before you go any further make sure you know the name (SSID) and password (WEP/WPA) of your network.
  • Choose your wireless network name.
  • If you can’t remember what it is you can always reach the person who set the network for you.
  • Enter in your password.
  • Your printer will be connected to the network shortly. You may print a test report to confirm
  • There’s no need to install the printer driver for Windows separately. The printer driver is installed automatically when you update the Windows software.

Connect The Hp Printer To Your Windows

HP printer customer support for Windows covers the following versions: Windows 10, Windows8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista or XP.To connect the HP printer to your Windows you have to connect it to the network wirelessly or using Ethernet/USB.The Hp printer is connected to windows using the Windows built-in solution. This is because the printer driver is already included with the latest Windows operating systems or you can get help from 123.hp.com/setup.

For windows:

  • Head on to Windows search tool. Click on Start.
  • On search menu bar type change device installation.
  • Device installation window opens.
  • Select for the option that says update automatically.
  • Hit save changes.

Printer Driver Installation For Windows:

  • Go to start.
  • Type in add printer on the search menu bar.
  • A new window opens which asks which type of printer you want to install.
  • If you opt for a network connection then select the option that says Add a network wireless or Bluetooth printer.
  • Click on use an existing port.
  • Hit next.
  • But if you opt for USB connection Add a local printer.
  • Select your printer name.
  • Select next.
  • A new window appears that says install the printer driver.
  • Click on windows update tab.
  • A list of printer manufacturers appear, select HP or Hewlett Packard.

Full HP printer customer support for Mac is available for these versions: Mac OS X v10.10 Yosemite, v10.9 Mavericks, v10.8 Mountain Lion, v10.7 Lion, and v10.6 Snow Leopard.

To connect the HP printer to your Mac you have to connect it to the network wirelessly or using Ethernet/USB.

For MAC:

  • Link your printer and Mac together with USB.
  • Connect the devices to the internet with wires or wirelessly.
  • Go to Apple menu, select the software update.
  • Or you may select ‘About this Mac’, and choose Software updates.
  • Select Install.


  • Go to Apple Menu.
  • Select system preferences.
  • From hardware section select Print and fax.

When your printer is listed in the list:

  • Hover though to (-) sign, and remove the printer. Now go to the (+) sign, select Add printer or scanner.
  • Select when your printer name appears.
  • Click on continue.

When your printer is not listed:

  • Hover though to (+) sign, click on Add Printer or scanner.
  • Select when your printer name appears.
  • Click on continue.
  • Next using the ‘Print Using’ box, select your printers name.
  • Download and install the Printer Software from Apple.
  • Now you may print, scan or fax all you need.

Now you need to connect your phone/tablet to the same network. Make sure both your HP device and smartphone is connected to the same network.


  • Select the item you want to print.
  • On the printable item touch the share symbol.
  • Click on the (+) sign to add your printer.
  • Select Print to print.

For Android Mobile:

  • Download HP print service from the Google store.
  • Go to the item you want to print.
  • Touch the menu icon.
  • Select Print option.
  • Change any settings if needed.
  • Tap print.

For Windows 8 Laptop or Tablet:

  • Select the item you want to print.
  • Swipe the screen on the right of the screen.
  • A set of icons appear. Among them select the devices icon.
  • Select your printer.
  • Select Print option.
  • Change any settings if needed.
  • Click on print.

For Kindle Fire Tablet:

  • Download the HP print plug-in from the Amazon app store.
  • Go to the item you want to print.
  • Touch the menu icon.
  • Tap the print icon.
  • Change any settings if needed.
  • Tap print.

HP Printer Support is also available at 123.hp.com/setup for other devices that are not specifically listed here. We hope that this information is helpful to you.

Installation Guide for HP printer

We are offering the best support to begin HP printer setup, download the Printer driver, connect devices to the Printer and fix Printer setup issues. Complete the Printer setup to begin your Print, Scan, Copy and Fax Jobs. Our team of Printer customer support experts can assist you

How to Install HP printer?

It’s easy to install HP printer. The setup steps include connecting the hard ware, establishing the network, adding Windows and Mac device and troubleshooting HP printer setup issues. Go forward to execute the Printer setup guidelines below

We recommend the top models such as HP Envy, OfficeJet, DeskJet, LaserJet and Design Jet to begin your Purchase, if you are a new user

  • HP Envy Printers are compatible for home and office use
  • Officejet Printers suits for heavy duty Office tasks
  • DeskJet Printers arrive with top features to meet business or office needs

First time Printer setup

  • To begin first time Printer setup, take out the Printer from the package
  • Then remove the protective tapes that surround the Printer if any
  • Now to power up the device, connect one end of the device to the Power source and another end to the Power adaptor
  • Now install the Printer cartridges to the appropriate slot. You can use the separate slots available for black and color cartridge
  • After installing the cartridge, load the Paper in to the Paper Input tray
  • Finally go forward with the remaining setup steps

Download HP printer driver

Printer drivers are essential to operate the Printer. You can choose the compatible driver to begin the download process. Let us help you to find and install the matching software to use with your Printer. Check out the instructions below to begin the software download

HP printer software packages include the Printer Drivers, Printer management software and much more

  • At first, learn how to download HP printer driver
  • Then choose the compatible software download method
  • You can visit the software download portal or use the software CD provided with the Printer package

If you prefer downloading the driver from websites

  • Power on your HP Printer and Computer
  • Access HP printer software download page
  • Navigate to the software download tab
  • Enter the Printer Name, Version
  • The software search results will appear
  • Select the driver and click on the Icon Download
  • ?You can move the setup file to the required folder
  • Click on the setup file
  • Then follow the onscreen commands to complete the software installation
  • Note that if you are using a Mac device, go to the Mac software download portal to begin the software search

If you prefer using the tools such as HP easy start

  • HP easy start application is designed to find and update the matching software to use with your Printer
  • Install HP easy start software by visiting the appropriate software download portal. The process may take few minutes

HP printer Wireless setup

How to connect my HP printer to the Wireless network?

Without a good speed and secure network, it’s hard to operate your HP printer. Hence connect your Printer to the network by choosing the appropriate connection methods .You can select HP wireless setup wizard, HP auto wireless connect feature, WPS or Wi- Fi protected setup to activate the Network

Wireless setup Wizard

  • To activate the network using Wireless setup Wizard , navigate to the Printer control panel
  • Find the network settings
  • Select the option, Wireless setup wizard from the Network setup Menu
  • Then start answering the wizard instructions
  • Find the list of available Networks
  • Choose your Network
  • Enter the Wireless network SSID and Password to establish the connection

How to connect HP printer to the Network using WPS or Wi- Fi Protected setup?

If you prefer connecting your Printer to the network using WPS or Wi- Fi Protected setup, position your Printer close to the Router. Then execute the setup instructions. Wi- Fi Protected setup offers two modes such as WPS push button and Pin method

  • Turn on your Printer, Computer to begin Wi- Fi Protected setup
  • Check if your Printer , Router supports WPS feature
  • If yes, press the Wireless Icon on your Printer and WPS icon on your Router
  • The Wireless light will turn on
  • If WPS pin method is your choice, generate the WPS Pin
  • Now access the Router configuration utility tool to enter the Pin
  • If WPS Push button method is your choice, select the option and follow the onscreen commands

HP auto wireless connect feature

The latest and new HP printer Models arrive with HP auto wireless connect feature. The feature allows connecting your Printer automatically to the Network without using the Network cables. Windows Vista, Mac OS X 10.5 are the versions compatible to enable the feature. You can install the software and follow the onscreen commands

Connect your Printer to Windows and Mac

Connect your Windows and Mac device to HP printer to begin your Print, Scan, Copy and Fax Functions. The settings may differ for each version.

Windows Users

  • To add your Windows device, go to the option, Devices and Printers
  • Select the Printer
  • Then click on the Icon, Add
  • Your Windows device will be added to HP printer

Mac users

  • Adding your Mac device to HP printer is easy.
  • Navigate to the Apple Menu
  • Choose the system preference settings
  • Tap on the settings ,Printers and Scanners
  • Click on the option, Add to your HP printer to Mac

HP printer setup process is now complete

How to print your documents using HP printer?

  • To print your documents using HP printer, Power on your Printer, Computer
  • Select your document to Print
  • Choose the Print preference settings
  • Finally click on the Print Icon to start Printing your documents

How to print using Air print?

Airprint feature available on Mac devices can be used to print without installing the Print specific drivers. Enable the feature on your device to get good quality print outs. You can find the instructions below to use the Air print feature.

HP printer software packages include the Printer Drivers, Printer management software and much more

  • At first check if your Printer, Computer is in ON state
  • If yes, access the Airprint app installed on your Computer
  • Select the document to print
  • Choose the Airprint enabled Printer from the list that appear
  • Set the Print preference settings
  • Finally click on the Print Icon located at the upper right corner of the app screen
  • Note that you can cancel the Print Jobs any time using app switcher

To Scan using HP printer

If you are ready to scan your document using HP printer, the guidelines are here for your understanding

  • At first place the document to Scan over the Scanner glass
  • Install the Scanning software
  • Tools such as HP Smart app , Mopria Scan app is widely recommended to use with HP printer

Access the software after installation

  • Then click on the Icon, Scan or Scan a document
  • Then go forward to execute the onscreen prompts

How to resolve HP printer issues?

To resolve HP printer setup issues, here we suggest the common troubleshooting tips

  • If it’s a Printing error, verify the Print settings
  • Restart your Printer, Computer and try Printing again
  • Its recommended to Print a test document to verify the Print settings
  • Always choose the appropriate Print settings
  • Take out the stuck papers inside the Printer compartment
  • We also suggest not to print multiple Print jobs at the same time
  • Access HP print and Scan doctor tool
  • Then choose the option, Fix Printing or Fix Scanning
  • Verify the Internet settings
  • Also make sure that Wireless network SSID, Password used is valid
  • You can print a network configuration page to verify the Network settings
  • Setup a new network connection if possible
  • Its recommended to place your Printer, Computer close to the Router
  • Ensure to provide the valid Pin if you prefer the connection methods such as WPS
  • Never use the wrong credentials to activate the network connection
  • To fix software issue, check the software version
  • If the software used is not compatible , try upgrading the software with the latest version
  • Always choose the compatible, easy method to begin the software download
  • To fix HP printer offline issue, use the tools such as HP print and Scan doctor. Visit the appropriate software download portal to install the software
  • You can navigate to the Printer offline settings to disable it
  • Restart or reset your Printer and check if Printer offline issues resolve
  • Use good quality cables to connect your Printer to the Computer and Power source
  • Certify that the hard ware connection is secure
  • Remove the cables connected and connect back again
  • Verify the Printer setup steps
  • Learn the guidelines before execution
  • Device restart can also help to get rid of setup issues. You can refer Printer setup manual to find the Restart settings
  • If errors persist, replace your device with a new one
  • To resolve issues while connecting your Printer to the Computer, verify the settings used
  • You can disconnect the devices connected and connect back again
  • Check the compatibility of the Windows ,Mac device to use with your HP printer

What if my HP printer is not responding to the Print command

Do not worry if your HP printer is not responding to the Print command; let us help to fix the error

Printing error

  • Confirm that the cable connections are secure
  • Cancel the tasks running on your Printer
  • Power off the device and use it after a while
  • Update or upgrade the Printer software with the latest version
  • Reset your Printer , Computer once


Why is my HP printer not printing?

  • Your HP printer may not Print if jammed or stuck papers are present inside the Printer compartment
  • Network, software issues can also cause HP printer not printing error
  • Print jobs may get stuck if you choose the wrong Print settings

It’s hard to perform the Print Jobs if your HP printer is in offline state

What are the top HP printer models available in the Market today?

If you are ready to start your purchase, here we suggest the top HP printer models available in the market today such as

  • HP ENVY Pro 6455
  • P DeskJet Ink Advantage 4535
  • DeskJet 5085 Ink tank Printer
  • HP Office Jet 6500 A plus
  • HP Office Jet Pro 9025
  • Officejet 250 all-in-one portable printer
  • HP smart tank plus 555
  • Design jet t125 24-inch printer
  • DeskJet 3760
  • HP color LaserJet pro m283fdw
  • LaserJet pro m15w

Check out the device reviews select the best model to purchase

How do I fix HP printer scanning error?

Here we suggest the troubleshooting tips to fix HP printer scanning issues

  • At first , verify the scan settings
  • If the Scan settings are valid, check the compatibility of the Scanning software used
  • If the software version is outdated, update or upgrade the software with the new version
  • Use good quality cables to connect your HP printer to the Scanner
  • Check if you can replace the Scanner with a new one
  • Open HP Print and Scan doctor software and click on the Icon, Fix Scanning

Ensure to place the Scan document in such a way that the Scan side points towards the downward direction

How to find the IP address on my Printer?

  • If you are a Windows user, choose the settings, Devices and click on the icon, Printers and Scanners
  • Now find your Printer from the list that appear
  • Click on the option, Printer properties
  • Now go to the appropriate settings to find the Printer IP address

How do I connect HP printer to Wi- Fi using WPS connection method?

To connect your HP printer to Wi- Fi using WPS connection method, go to the device control panel. Choose the WPS settings. Select the option, WPS pin or Push button.

  • If you prefer the Pin method, access the Router configuration utility software to enter the Pin
  • If it’s a Push button method, select the appropriate settings and go forward with the onscreen guide
  • Verify the wireless settings, WPS Pin used if you come across network issues

Is it Okay to leave HP printer ON all the time?

The answer is yes. You can leave HP printer ON all the time. We suggest using the energy saving mode available on your Printer if the device is not in use. To enable the energy saving mode, you can access the Power management settings

What is HP solution center?

HP solution center, the software developed for Windows device allows performing the Printer related functions such as scanning, checking the Ink Level, ordering supplies and much more. To download the software, you can visit the appropriate HP printer software download portal. Note that the software is not compatible to use with Mac version

How do I get back my HP printer in offline state?

HP printer offline error stops the communication between your Printer and computer. Hence it’s essential to fix HP printer offline error.

  • To get back your HP printer in offline state, go to the device control panel settings
  • Choose the option, Devices and Printers
  • Right click the Printer
  • Tap on the icon, See what’s Printing
  • If your Printer is in offline state, disable the settings to get back your HP printer online
  • You can also check if performing a device restart can help to get rid of the Issue
  • Clear the Print queue
  • Restart the Printer Spooler service
  • Begin your Print ,Scan, Copy and Fax Job when your Printer comes back on line

How to Print using Mopria Print service?

  • To print your document using Mopria Print service, check if the settings are available on your Device
  • If yes, turn the feature ON
  • Choose your Printer
  • Then tap on the Print icon
  • The print settings menu will appear
  • Select the required settings
  • Finally click on the Print Icon to start printing

Why is my Printer connected but not printing?

If your Printer is not printing even if the network is active, follow the instructions below to fix the issue

  • Check the Cartridges Installed
  • Ensure that the Ink level is not low
  • Always position the Paper properly
  • If you are using the wireless network, check if you can switch to the wired connection

How do I fix the error, HP printer driver is Un available?

Do you get an error message stating that the HP printer driver is Un available? Here we suggest the common troubleshooting tips to get rid of the issue

  • At first, restart your Printer, Computer
  • Confirm if your Printer is connected to the Network
  • Check for software updates
  • Uninstall the existing software and install the new version. You can visit the HP printer driver download portal and provide the Printer name to find the software search results

Why is my HP printer not connecting to Computer? How to get rid of the Issue?

  • If your HP printer is not connecting to Computer , check the cables used to connect your Printer to the Computer
  • Disconnect these cables and connect back again
  • Verify the Printer settings selected to add your device
  • Power cycle your Printer, Computer once and check if the errors resolve
  • If not , you can replace your Computer with a new one

How to cancel my Print jobs on my Windows?

  • To learn how to cancel your Print Jobs on your Windows device, go to the Windows task bar
  • Begin your search to find the active Printers
  • Now wait for the Printer dialog box to appear
  • Select the running Print jobs
  • Tap on the option, Cancel to cancel your Print Jobs

How do I Improve the Print quality?

The tips below can help to improve Print quality

  • You can check the quality of Paper used for Printing
  • Set the paper type
  • Check and fill the Ink to the required level
  • Ensure that the cartridge alignment is proper
  • Clean the Print head
  • Remove the dust or smears present inside the Printer compartment
  • Verify the Print settings before Printing
  • Try using different software to print your print jobs
  • Also calibrate the Product to fix the misaligned color. Mean while adjust the color settings
  • Use genuine Ink cartridge. Avoid using the cartridges that belongs to a different brand

It’s our objective to offer timely support to our customers. We consider the quality of the service offered. If you find it hard to setup HP printer on your own, dial the customer number and wait until the agents to respond back


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