How To Setup Your HP Printer

The HP Printer can be accomplished very easily. Ideally, the package comes with an instruction CD, which you just have to load into your computer. This automatically triggers the printer setup. It is a comprehensive, user-friendly and easy-to-follow process that provides instructions and options at regular intervals and with precision. Of course, you must ensure that the printer drivers and the software are appropriately downloaded onto your computer too. The software and drivers should consist of the latest version, barring which, the printer may not recognize the leading to error messages.



The software version downloaded should also be compatible and intended to work on both the printer model and the computer. Besides this, the computer and the printer should both be available on the same network. In the Connection Type, you could always select the Network or Wireless option. The message prompt depends on the version of the software that you are downloading. Sometimes, the software automatically detects the wireless settings and in some, you have to look for it manually. The on-screen instructions will successfully guide you to install the software. If the printer is already connected to a network, then it should be automatically discovered during the software installation process.


Alternatively, you can connect the printer to the wireless network by using the HP Auto Wireless Connect. The process necessitates a verification of the configuration’s compatibility to the HP Auto Wireless Connect. The basic requirement would be Windows Vista or newer OS, OS X 10.5 or later. Once the compatibility is verified and in order, the latest printer software can be downloaded. You must ensure that the software downloaded observes generality for both the printer and the computer.

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