Complete setup Procedure to Guide You

HP printers offer the best features to ensure good quality print results. Using the Printer, you can also perform other functions such as Copy, Scan, and Fax. We suggest the top models such as HP Officejet, HP DeskJet, LaserJet, and Design Jet to purchase.

The features include high-quality printing, the latest technology, high resolution, stylish design, Scan, Copy, and Fax options, Mobile printing features such as Apple Air Print, HP ePrint, and Mopria Print Service.


As HP printers arrive with advanced features, you may find it hard to execute setup process. Here we explain the procedure to set up HP printer

First-time Printer setup

  • To begin with, execute the first-time printer setup
  • Then identify the port to attach the necessary cables
  • Load the paper into the input tray
  • Also, align the cartridge to the appropriate slot.
  • If the first-time Printer setup process is complete, start activating the network connection.

How do I connect HP printer to the wireless network?

To connect HP printer to the wireless network, Wireless setup wizard or WPS connection methods available. Read the instructions below to know how to complete the wireless setup.

  • Navigate to the device control panel
  • Then choose the appropriate Network settings.
  • Tap on the option, Wireless setup wizard
  • From the network list that appears, select your network
  • Do not worry if you are unable to find the network; enter the network name manually.
  • Type the Wireless network username and Password
  • The connection will be activated after a while

Note that you can also use Wi-Fi protected setup to activate the network, connect your device to the printer. Wps pin, push-button methods are available

Wi-Fi Protected Setup using WPS pin method

  • Turn on your Printer, Router
  • Now press and hold the wireless icon on your Printer, WPS icon on your Router
  • Execute the onscreen instructions that appear
  • The WPS pin be generated
  • You can access the Router configuration utility software to enter the Pin
  • Wait until the connection is active
  • Note that the Wi-Fi Protected Setup settings may differ and depend on the Printer model used

HP auto wireless connect

Using HP auto wireless connect feature, you can connect the printer automatically to the network without a cable connection. To enable the feature on your printer, install the software and follow the onscreen guidelines. Windows vista, Mac os x 10.5 versions are compatible to use the feature

Download the matching hp printer drivers

Software download using the portal,

It’s essential to download and install the compatible software to complete setup. Software download methods are many. We suggest choosing the best methods available. Here we explain how to install HP printer software.

  • Switch on your Windows or Mac computer
  • Connect your device to the network
  • Access HP printer software download portal
  • Then navigate to the software download tab
  • Enter the Printer name, Version
  • The software search results will appear on your device screen
  • Check the software compatibility
  • Select the matching software version
  • Tap on the option, download
  • Wait until the setup file download process complete
  • Now move the setup file to the required folder
  • After tapping on the software setup file, follow the onscreen instructions that appear to complete the software download
  • It’s hard to avoid software issues. If you come across any, uninstall the software, install it again and check if software issues resolve
  • Meanwhile, protect your driver from software and malware threat

HP easy start to download HP drivers

HP easy start tool is widely preferred to download and update the matching HP printer software for your Mac and Windows versions. To find the utility, visit the appropriate software download portal. To use the application, you need a good speed network connection.

If the software installation is complete, add Windows, Mac device to start printing your documents.

How to add HP printer to Windows?

  • To add your HP printer to Windows, go to the Settings > Devices and Printer
  • Find the option, Add Printer or Scanner
  • Then follow the instructions
  • Wait until the Windows device detects your Printer
  • Select the Printer
  • Then tap on the option, Add
  • Wait for a while until your Windows device gets connected to the Printer

If you are a Mac user

  • Turn on your Mac device
  • Click on the Apple Icon
  • Navigate to the system preference settings
  • Choose the option, Printers, and Scanners
  • Select the Printer from the list
  • Tap on the option, Add
  • Go forward with the instructions to connect HP printer to Mac
  • 123 hp.comsetup process is complete
  • Select your document to start printing

To print your documents

To print your documents using HP printer, select the document, click on the print icon. The printing menu will appear on your device screen. Choose the appropriate print preference settings and then tap on the print icon. Follow the on-screen guidelines to complete the print jobs

We have a team of experts who can help you to begin setup and fix setup issues that pop up. Dial, the customer support number, provided for assistance


Why is my HP printer not printing?

Printing issues are common and can occur to jammed or stuck papers inside the Printer compartment. To resolve it, here we suggest the troubleshooting tips available

  • At first, verify the Printer settings
  • Ensure that the cable connections are secure
  • Print a test document before printing
  • Clear the jammed or stuck papers inside if any
  • Use good quality paper to begin your Print jobs

How to avoid HP software or malware threat?

HP Software issues occur often. It’s essential to fix it at the earliest

  • Update your operating system version regularly
  • Ensure to use the compatible HP drivers
  • Use antivirus software or tools compatible

What are the best methods available to download HP Printer software?

  • You can download HP drivers from HP driver download portal.
  • HP Easy start tool can be used to update the Printer drivers automatically

· We also suggest using the software cd provided with the package

How to troubleshoot 123. setup issues?

The guidelines below can help to troubleshoot 123. setup issues

  • At first, validate the Printer setup steps
  • If it’s a network issue, print a network configuration page to verify the Wireless network SSID, Password used
  • To get rid of software errors, update the software regularly.
  • Check if any software tools are available to fix setup issues.

Why is my Printer not connecting to the network?

Faulty cables connected, wrong wireless credentials used can cause network connectivity issues.

  • Provide the valid network credentials to resolve the issue.
  • If the error codes persist, restart your Printer, Computer, and Router.

What are the compatible methods to connect HP printer to the wireless network?

To connect your HP printer to the network, we suggest the common methods such as

  • Wireless setup wizard
  • WPS Method
  • HP auto wireless connect

How to troubleshoot Print queue errors?

It’s not a tough task to fix Print queue errors; check out the troubleshooting tips below.

  • Delete the existing Print jobs
  • Restart your Printer, Computer
  • Stop the Printer spooler service by navigating to the appropriate settings
  • Update your Printer software with the latest version. You can go to the software download portal to begin the download.

What are the top HP printer models to purchase?

We suggest the top HP printer models here to start your purchase. Note that the features, specifications of these models vary

  • HPColor LaserJet Pro M283fdw
  • HP DeskJet3760
  • HPSmart Tank Plus 555
  • HPDesign jet T125
  • HPEnvy Pro 6420
  • HP LaserJetPro M15w
  • HP DeskJet3755 All-in-One printer
  • HPColor LaserJet Pro MFP M281fdw printer
  • HPOffice Jet 5255 All-in-One printer
  • HPENVY Pro 6455
  • HPDeskJet Ink Advantage 4535
  • HPSprocket 2nd Edition photo printer
  • HPOffice Jet 5255 All-In-One printer
  • HPOffice Jet 200 Mobile Printer


How do I choose THE BEST Printer for Home use?

  • To choose the best Printer for home use, read the device reviews to know the features, specifications.
  • Consider the features such as Print Speed and Quality.
  • Check the availability of additional features such as wireless connectivity, Mobile printing, scan features, and much more.
  • Also, plan your budget. We always suggest choosing an affordable Printer
  • You can also get suggestions from our technical support team.

It’s time to begin your purchase