HP Printer Setup and troubleshooting For Windows 7


HP Printer Setup For Windows

Steps to setup the HP printer for Windows 7

  1. The HP Printer Setup is mentioned on https://www.123hp-com.com/hp-printer-setup-for-windows/ for easy user convenience
  2. The latest versions of the drivers are available at 123.hp.com/driver download to install the windows driver for your HP printer in Windows 7
  3. In case of a wired connection:
    • Connect the USB cable to the USB port and also connect both the computer and the printer
    • Make sure the computer is connected to a network
    • Follow the prompts when the Found new hardware message is displayed
    • Install the driver
    • Print your document to ensure successful setup
  4. For a wireless connection:
    • Connect the printer to your network
    • Use the Wireless Setup Wizard to choose the network name or SSID and enter the WEP key or Network Security Password
    • Turn on the router, computer, and connect all devices to the same wireless network
    • Disconnect the USB or Ethernet cable from the printer
    • On the printer’s control panel open the setup, network
    • Scroll down to the Wireless setup wizard
    • Follow the given instructions on-screen to connect the printer to the network
  5. To add the printer driver
    • Use the Add a Printer wizard:
    • Click on Devices and Printers
    • Select Add a printer and select Add a network and then Wireless Printer
    • The window will open asking you to Select a Printer
  6. If the printer is listed
    • Choose your printer and click on Next
    • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete driver installation
  7. If the printer is not listed
    • Select on The printer I want isn’t listed
    • Windows will ask What type of Printer do you want to install?
    • Select Add a local printer for manual setup
    • Click Next
    • Select Use an existing Port and Next
    • Click on Windows Update to allow the printer drivers to update
    • Add the manufacturer’s details in the appropriate pane
    • You can now select Add a printer using TCP/IP address
    • Once done click on Next
    • In the Device Type click on Autodetect
    • Now, enter the Hostname or IP Address
    • Click on Next to complete driver installation

Note :
The HP printer driver can also be installed using the USB connection. The full feature driver and printer management software will be available as soon as you click on the USB option during installation. The Windows Update feature on your Windows Operating System computer comes with a built-in HP print driver.

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