HP Printer Setup and Troubleshooting For Windows 10


HP Printer Setup For Windows 10

Steps to setup the HP printer for Windows 10

  1. Setup the HP printer as mentioned on https://www.123hp-com.com/hp-printer-setup-for-windows/
  2. To install the windows driver for your HP printer in Windows 10, you can obtain the latest driver downloads from 123.hp.com/driver download
  3. Connect to the wireless network or wired network – click on Yes to discover the printer
  4. Windows 10 will automatically detect the printer and set it up
  5. Connect the printer to a network with a cable
  6. Open the Devices and Printers menu and select Add Printer
  7. If the printer is listed:
    1. Click on Next and when prompted enter the printer’s WPS PIN
    2. Complete the installation by following the on-screen instructions
  8. If the printer is unlisted or not found:
  9. Follow step 7 above
  10. Click on The Printer I want isn’t listed
  11. Select Add a printer or network printer with manual settings and click on Next
  12. Choose the Standard TCP/IP Port and select Replace the current driver
  13. Click on Next to print a test page
  14. In case of any trouble during installation use the following quick fix ideas:
    1. Verify you administrator credentials
    2. Check if the computer is connected to the network
    3. To use Windows Update temporarily disable firewall
    4. Check if printer is turned on and the printer is configured correctly
    5. For all other printer issues log in to 123.hp.com/troubleshooting

Note :The Windows 10 setup is enabled by default with its auto-setup feature enabling installation for a small network of 30 devices or less. The Windows 10 Operating system will provide a prompt that will discover the printers and devices on your home network.

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Supported OS Versions for Windows HP Printer Setup