The HP Sprocket Photo Printer allows users to print pictures from different sources on the go.  The printer comes with the efficient wireless connectivity features and rechargeable built-in battery for power supply. So now users can print and share their memorable moments from anywhere, anytime.

HP Sprocket Photo Printer

Stunning trait of the HP Sprocket Printer

  • The printer works in ZINK Zero Ink technology.
  • They utilize ZINK Zero Ink photo papers for printing photos.
  • With this technology, the user can print images without any toner or ink cartridges.
  • This enables printing memories with no smudging and they dry soon.
  • Now users can simply hold their precious memories in ZINK Zero Ink photo papers with no hassles.
  • The HP Sprocket Printer allows the user to customize their memories.
  • Users can utilize the HP Sprocket app along with these the Sprocket Photo Printer to personalize the photos.
  • Users can perform automatic corrections and inserts captions or borders as preferred.
  • The user can peel the stick-back and use the print as stickers.
  • The printer enables Bluetooth-connectivity.
  • This allows users to print from any compatible Android or IOS devices wirelessly.
  • The HP Sprocket app helps the users to print photos.
  • These printers are much admired for their portability and sleek design.
  • Users can also print photos from any social media too.
  • The HP Sprocket  Printer is one among the smallest printer that fits in the palm.
  • And Printer weighs around 172gm.

  Printer package box

The printer package box that comes while purchasing the HP Photo Printer includes the following essential supplies.

  • A Setup Card
  • 10 sheets of HP ZINK Sticky-Backed Photo Paper
  • A Micro USB Cable
  • And Regulatory Sheets

Setting up the HP Sprocket Printer

The utility of HP Sprocket Photo Printer involves three simple steps like

  • Printer setup is Easy and quick
  • Customize the photos
  • Print wirelessly and share instantly.

HP Sprocket Photo Printers Set up procedures

HP Sprocket Printer Set up procedures involves setting up the printer, download and launch the HP sprocket app, connect the printer to the mobile device wirelessly, and start printing the memories. The user can use the below procedures to set the printer for the first time.

  • The user can remove the printer from the package.
  • Download and install genuine HP sprocket app on any android device.
  • Then the user can pair the device with the printer using the Bluetooth connectivity.
  • The user requires this app to pair their device with the printer.
  • Installing the HP Sprocket App
  • The user can visit the printer homepage to download the app.
  • Users can also download the app from the respective app stores too.
  • The downloaded app is launched.
  • Once the app is installed the user can turn on the printer.
  • A user can press the power button to switch on the printer.

Paring the Device with the printer

    • Users can turn on the Bluetooth facility from the settings menu of the device.
    • From the list of nearby devices, locate the HP Photo Printer.
    • The user can tap to select the printer from the list.
    • In case the printer is not on the list, users can tap the Search or Scan options.

Loading the HP Sprocket Photo Paper

    • The user can load the HP Sprocket Photo Paper into the input tray.
    • Before loading the user can Turn off the printer
    • Remove the top cover of the printer and can load the HP Sprocket Photo Paper.
    • And also ensure the Smartsheet is at the bottom of the sheets.
    • Set the top cover and then slide the top cover and make sure the cover seats firmly on the printer.
    • Now the user can turn on the printer and start calibrating the printer through the HP Sprocket app.

Printing through HP sprocket app

    • Users can use the HP sprocket app installed on the device.
    • Navigate to the home screen and tap the Photos
    • Stick through the on-screen instruction to access the camera and photos.
    • Users can select the photo to that they want to print.
    • Users can check for the preview.
    • And they can customize the photo or apply filters.
    • Then select the Checkmark icon to save the changes in the Photo.
    • Then can tap the Print icon to print the photo.
    • Users can wait until the device is completely idle and then remove the Smartsheet.
    • Then the user can see the photos prints.

For any additional information or updates on HP Sprocket Photo Printer, you can contact our support service members. Users can contact the team members through our toll-free number 1-800-237-0201 or by browsing through our site