HP Industrial Revolution

The earliest industrial revolution got its name because of the unpredictability of the growth that steam and power would offer to the rural societies of Europe. With the mechanization of production, the middle-class also rose and the second industrial revolution was a fledgling ready to grow. Electricity transformed affordable goods and assembly-line jobs offered much-needed security to the middle class population. The mid-20th century saw information technology and electronics create the third industrial revolution changing the face of the world again by connecting everyone regardless of time and space. The impact was felt in just a few years instead of decades that previous revolutions took.

Another Industrial Revolution

HP believes that today we are standing at a juncture that is ready to eject into the fourth industrial revolution. The conflux and blend of the digital and physical worlds are bound to impact businesses, industries, governments and economies across the world. This was indeed a significant and focused discussion at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland. The Executive Director of the event stated that the power of the fourth revolution is such that it will change us rather than change what we are doing. The world has had experiential effects both good and bad from previous industrial revolutions. Globalization got a different meaning while shifting itself in the form of work to several far corners of the globe and cities became more crowded. Technology has changed every aspect of our life from social interactions to health care.

It is now believed that technology will become more immersive. Its delivery will be akin to the distribution of water and power. Technology will start guiding us in our everyday lives instead of this set of humans that are always looking for solutions over the PCs and smartphones. Everyday objects such as jewelry, windshields or even work and play will all be integrated. These useful tools will collect data and analyze and play a pivotal role in refining artificial intelligence to be implemented in our daily lives.

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