Fixing The HP Wireless Printer Offline

HP Printer Shows Offline and not Printing

When the HP Printer shows that it is offline, it won’t communicate with the computer. This is one of the common sets of errors that you can encounter during the There are several troubleshooting choices available to fix the issue.

Printer offline

  • Verify the connection of the printer: Reset the printer first, then check the status of the printer. You could also see if the printing job is lined up in the queue or if the printer is idle. The connection is normally restored when you restart the printer. You may also have to check the wireless and wired connections and the HP printer’s connectivity and configuration to the wireless network.


  • Run the HP Scan Doctor: The Scan Doctor is a free tool available in the HP Printer that helps troubleshoot any issues with it. If the Scan Doctor is not built-in you can always download it from the HP website. The tool automatically scans and resolves the ‘ printer offline ’ issue. Besides printing, the Scan Doctor also fixes any impending scanning issues.


  • Re-installation of the HP printer Software: As another alternative, you could always uninstall and reinstall the HP printer software on your computer. First, uninstall it on the computer from the device menu by right clicking and completely removing it from the computer. Then use the process to upload the software again.


  • Update Windows 10 (for Windows 10 users): For users who have upgraded their operating systems to Windows 10, you might face issues with the HP printer connection. In such a case, refer to Microsoft’s bug fixer release to solve the ‘printer offline’ problem. An exclusive update called KB3147458 is available for the users.

If the above methods fail to resolve your problems call our Toll-free 1-850-761-8950 we will assist you step by step to fix HP Wireless Printer Offline problems.