Steps for Solving Slow Printer Issues

Every user expects timely outputs. There are multiple reasons why the HP printer runs slowly. It is imperative that you check and verify the issues before running the to look for the appropriate solution. Listed and discussed below are some of the most likely and recommended solutions to the issues:


Fix Slow Printer Issues


  1. Driver installation: More often when the HP printer drivers are either corrupt, outdated or improperly installed the printer delivers outputs rather slowly. It is crucial to check that the version of the HP printer driver installed is in accordance to the printer model. If the issue persists, uninstall the HP printer driver and reinstall it again. You can also call one of the HP printer technical support experts to resolve the issue for you.
  2. HP printer system requirements: There are certain criteria for the HP printer model to function. For one, the computer should meet the minimum system requirements failing which the printer does not run properly. Outputs are slow because either the processor is not suitable and/or there is insufficient RAM to run the printer at normal speeds. Corroborate if the computer meets the minimum HP printer system requirements and if not, upgrade your machine.
  3. Close all programs: What may seem like a menial task really works. Make sure your computer is not crowded with other running programs that can significantly affect the speed of printing. Print processing is afflicted when you run multiple programs. Use the Task Manager to close all the other programs before you give the print command.
  4. Temporary files and additional fonts: Temporary files consume a lot of disk space and can considerably restrain the speed of other programs including printing. File names with the extension .tmp are unimportant and have to be purged immediately. Alternatively, installing additional fonts into the system will exhaust memory space and it is best to offload them.

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