Malware and Computer Security

Hackers are an abominable menace. They use vicious modus operandi to infiltrate technology to extract confidential data, steal identities and inject unwanted malware and viruses. This is, unfortunately, a security issue with any networked device. What these cyber-thieves do not know is that they are liable to expose themselves and their controllers in the process.HP Awareness Hacker Menace - The Wolf

The blind spots in the whole system are the old and aging computers or PCs that are upgraded with third-party security software making them vulnerable to such attacks. And now, printers have entered the arena of networking and connectivity also leading us to ponder if they are also susceptible to unprecedented strikes. Printers are sophisticated devices from which computing data can easily be retrieved. The printer’s hard drive can be accessed to retrieve any kind of data or even penetrate a company’s network.

HP Awareness Regarding Hacker Menace

HP has found a very creative way to generate awareness among the masses through the branded film series “The Wolf”. Starring Christian Slater, the film projects the ease with which cyber criminals can actually invade a corporate network.

A much-refined version of the award-winning TV series “Mr. Robot”, this series of short films features the role of a hacker who infiltrates company networks through unprotected PCs and printers.

The character breaches the company’s mail-room and moves up to the company’s executive boardroom. He even scours an abandoned printout, the printer interface and an innocuously downloaded gift certificate to infuse highly sensitive data.

The short film series superbly connects with CIOs, CISOs and IT decision makers and engages the audience to deliver a strong message to improve the security with the three Ds namely data, document and device.

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