Resolve HP Photo Smart 5520 Not Printing Error

HP photo smart 5520 Not Printing Error is Common when you Print your Documents. These errors arise due to Cartridge Issues, Improper Paper Placement, Paper Jam and a few more. You can resolve this Error in many ways

HP Photo Smart 5520 Not Printing Error

Check your Printer Cartridges

  • Check your Printer Cartridges and make sure you use genuine Cartridges. HP always suggest cartridges Of its own Brand and not the Cartridges from Other Suppliers
  • Also, Check the Ink Level On your Cartridge and Replace it if the Level Of Ink On your Cartridge is Low
  • To Check the Ink Level On your Cartridges, Go to the Control Panel Of your Printer, Press the Down arrow, then Select the tools, Press the Ok Button. The estimated Ink Level will be visible

Note – You can go to HP sure supply Page, Enter the name of your Printer Model, Select the Name of the Country or Region, the Compatible Cartridges will be listed

Check the Paper on your Input Tray

Load the papers to Input Tray. Make sure you Load the Papers in exact Or right Position to overcome HP photo smart 5520 not printing error

Use Paper with Color Lok Technology

  • It is better not to use Curled or Wring led Paper. HP always Prefer using Papers with Color Lok Technology, the Industrial Standard that is Followed
  • In addition, Ensure that there are No Papers Stuck Inside your  Printer

Verify the Printer Settings

  • It is equally important to verify the basic Printer Settings like Paper Size, Paper Type, and Print Quality
  • Go to the Color settings Section and make sure that Print in grey Scale is not active

Use Automatic Servicing tool

HP photo smart 5520 Printer has automatic Servicing Option. Use the Settings and You can resolve most of the Printing Errors

Print Quality Diagnostic Reports

  • Print a Quality Diagnostic Report and then Evaluate the Reports for any Defects. Ensure that there is No Black Ink Streaks on the Prints
  • To Print a Print Quality Report, Load the Paper into the Input tray, Go to the Control Panel and then Press the Setup Icon

Check your Software’s and Drivers

Check your Software’s and Drivers. In case if you use the Expired Version, Uninstall the Software and install the latest version

Follow the above steps to Overcome HP photo smart 5520 not Printing Error. In the event that you find any Issues or feel it’s difficult to understand the above Guidelines, Dial the toll-free number +1-800-237-0201 or visit our website for further assistance