HP Printer Scan issues

Apart from printing the documents in your desktop memory, scanning the files is one of the preliminary functions of the HP Printer. To save some amazing writing and the hand-written letters from your favorite person, scan function is the one you can rely upon. However, you will get HP printer scan issues by using the HP Print and scan doctor we can rectify the HP printer problems.

Here are the common scan issues that you might hit upon.

  • Scanner communication
  • HP Imaging device communication error
  • Scanner not found
  • Computer not found
  • Scanner unreachable
  • Can’t detect the computer
  • Scan to Computer is currently unavailable
  • Scanner initialization problem
  • Scan to Computer no longer activated

If your printer displays any of the errors mentioned above, just make use of the HP print and scan Doctor tool and also read below to know about the installation.

HP Print and Scan Doctor

This is a free utility tool for Windows which will resolve issues such as network connections, firewall issues, the print queue  jam, corrupt printer software, printer offline and obviously, scan error messages.


HP Print and Scan Doctor

HP Print and Scan Doctor download

  • Just check whether the printer is in ready state before you proceed and confirm the connections between your printer and computer.
  • Install the HP Print and Scan Doctor from the HP support website and also tag along with the directives that appear on-screen.
  • Tap the Start button on Welcome screen to choose a printer in the list and click Next followed by the Fix Scanning option.
  • Sometimes printer software download will be prompted by the device as installing the recent version of the printer will set things right.
  • You will definitely be in a dilemma when you see the test outcomes after performing a HP Print and Scan Doctor troubleshoot and here is the list of test results that will be useful for you to understand the results clearly.
  • A checkmark will represent that your printer has passed the test
  • Likewise, a wrench on your display will appear only when the test results are successful.
  • Getting an exclamation mark is definitely not a good sign as it specifies that the test failed and you need to do something about it.
  • If an X icon appears, it’s your turn to resolve the issue but the utility tool will lend a hand by providing onscreen directives.
  • This is how you can repair the scan problems with the help of HP Print and Scan download for Windows and also read below to know how to utilize this tool to eliminate other HP Printer issues.

HP Printer Troubleshooting

You can also use this tool to troubleshoot other HP Printer problems that are specified below.

  • Printer Offline issue
  • Print Job Stuck in queue
  • Printer not printing
  • Firewall troubleshooting

The HP Print and Scan Doctor will also provide further diagnostics and information about the printer like network info, cartridge info and printer information. However, HP Print and Scan Doctor for Mac is not available and in such cases, you can try doing the following troubleshooting which will help you to resolve the issues in your printer available on our website 123.hp.com/setup or call at +1-800-237-0201.