HP Color LaserJet Pro M254dw Printer – Features And Setup Guidelines


HP Color LaserJet Pro M254dw Printer

The HP color Laserjet pro m254dw is one of the most amazing printers in the HP printer range. Being affordable, this printer is also efficient and is enabled with dynamic security.


The printer utilizes the Image RET 3600 technology for printing you some fabulous photo prints. Then, you can have a duty cycle of about 40,000 pages for a month The speed of the processor goes up to eight hundred megahertz and offers you a fast printing experience. The distinct feature in this printer is its mobile printing capability which consists of HP ePrint, Apple AirPrint, Wireless printing ability, and Smartphone applications. So start to have a more colorful printing experience with the HP color Laserjet pro m254dw. HP always delivers and provides the best features which suit the customers.

System Requirements – Minimum

The HP color laserjet pro m254dw can work in a perfect condition even if you have minimum system requirements. The printer functions on both Windows 10 and Windows 8 operating system and the HP color laserjet pro m254dw functions well on a good internet facility. Despite working well on windows, the printer can also function in Apple’s Macintosh operating system. Having maximum system requirements can make things more better or you to go ahead and print some really good quality documents.

Other Distinct Features

The maximum memory size of the HP color laserjet pro m254dw is about 256 Megabytes DDR. Especially known for its print handling capacity which is about hundred paper sheets in output and 250 paper sheets in the input. Duplex printing is one notable ability of this printer. The main feature of all is the cartridge ink which can be refilled again and again for a year by using the HP’s instant ink service.

Setting up the HP Color Laserjet Pro m254dw

The setup can be done for both the Windows and MAC operating systems

It’s not a big deal to execute HP color LaserJet Pro m254dw setup. Refer the setup guide to get a clear idea before you proceed with the setup process.

HP Color LaserJet Pro M254dw Setup
HP Color LaserJet Pro M254dw Setup
  • Gather the preliminary requisites; choose the network connection, either wired or wireless to proceed downloading the compatible HP color LaserJet pro m254dw software
  • For all brand-new models, complete first time printer setup and include removing the protective tapes that surround the printer, cartridge insertion and paper placement.
  • Establish a good speed network connection to proceed downloading the matching software. It’s good that you have the best &compatible software and download methods to choose

Let us explain you the HP Color Laserjet Pro m254dw setup steps in detail

First of all, the HP color Laserjet pro m254dw setup needs a driver software installation to pass on to the next stages. For inducing the driver file for your printer, then redirect to the HP official site and download the driver file. The HP color Laserjet pro m254dw setup is of two methods. The former one is the setup by linking both your printer and PC using a wired network but you can also choose to have a setup which is wireless in nature.

The commands for the wireless setup are:

  • You have to make sure that the wireless icon on your printer is tapped ON
  • When this occurs, then you will have to search for the Wi-Fi connection which is necessary
  • You will be able to pair the Printer and your computer now using the wireless setup wizard
  • After this, you can start printing your documents from any location

As this printer is capable of mobile printing, the HP mobile printer app can be installed from the Google play store so that the printing process can be done by using your smartphone. You must ensure that your printer and mobile are paired well for forming a very good network. Finally, the HP color Laserjet pro-m254dw setup is now complete.

Troubleshooting in the HP Color Laserjet Pro m254dw Setup

Some of the troubleshooting issues in your printer may include

  • Your printer may not operate in a proper condition
  • You will be having issues with your driver file
  • The Display panel might issue an error code
  • Cartridge ink may not be fixed in a better way

Despite these, If you face any other issues regarding the troubleshooting in the HP color Laserjet pro m254dw setup, then navigate to the 123.hp.com/setup page or call +1-850-761-8950 to shoot your queries so that you may get a better perspective on using your printer.