HP Computer Show in 1980 Memory Project – 123.hp.com/setup

The “Computer Show” is set in the 1980s (around 1983 precisely) and the hosts on the talk show reflect the dawn of the personal computing era. The characters not evolved for the 21st century still working with VHS tapes and have no knowledge or have never used the internet. The guests on the show are from right here in 2017 – they are thinkers, founders and experts. HP teamed up with a few strategy and marketing innovation agencies to create its own episode of the “Computer Show”. The show featured present-day employees who talk about HP’s latest invention – the PageWide Technology. The show indicates how business printing has developed over the years and provides a creative approach to B2B marketing. The show also talks about the affordability of color printing to companies in all verticals. HP’s PageWide technology provides a competitive edge with its compatibility and cost-effectiveness. HP PageWide Technology at least saves about 40% in costs per page in comparison to color laser printing. It also prints faster than other Enterprise MFPs.

HP Computer Show 1980 Memory Project - 123.hp.com/setup

The PageWide Technology allows businesses to reach new levels of performances and at the same time challenges the limitations of conventional printing. The technology clearly provides the best conflux of quality, productivity and economics. Durable prints can be reproduced on a wide range of media even in vivid colors. The printer prints at a speed of 6900 A/A4 color pages per minute. It provides a savings of at least 50% in printing costs. The PageWide Technology comes categorized as business printers, XL printers and Web Presses.

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