HP DeskJet 2600 Setup

By following the instructions given below, users who are a novice to printers can easily complete the HP DeskJet 2600 setup and start printing happily.

HP Deskjet 2600 Setup

HP Deskjet 2600 Setup

First Preference Goes to Unboxing

  • You might wonder what’s there to do with printer unboxing when we try to configure the printer
  • It is emphasized to carry out a proper unboxing as several essential accessories for printer setup is available inside the box
  • If an item goes missing, it is actually hard to purchase the same accessory and some packages would have missed certain accessories in the list
  • This is why Unboxing is the first and foremost step in any printer configuration
  • After removing, keep the accessories safe and secure to move forward with the printer setup

Printer to the Power Connection

  • Any electrical gadget ultimately requires a power source to work
  • After unboxing perfectly, it is your responsibility to connect the printer to a direct electrical source

Settings in Control Panel

  • Completing the power cord settings will prompt you to configure the Date, Time, country/region
  • The arrow marks in the control panel will be helpful to select your preferences and complete the setting by clicking Ok or Yes

Paper Tray Setting

  • Take a stack of A4 sheets without any crumbled or crushed edges
  • When you are ready with the papers, open the input tray door and slide in the papers without crushing it
  • After adjusting the paper width glides in way that it clutches the paper edges

123.hp.com/dj2600 Ink Cartridge Setup

  • HP genuine ink cartridge can be used to get high-quality documents and it is suggested to buy the original cartridges even if you run out of ink
  • To purchase genuine ink cartridges, you can activate the HP Instant Ink subscription and it will deliver the inks at your doorsteps by acquiring the low ink notification from the printer
  • You can also buy ink cartridges from authenticated HP vendors after proper verification
  • After opening the cartridge access door and hang around until the carriage remains still
  • Open the cartridge access and hold on until the carriage becomes idle
  • After that, insert the ink cartridges and verify whether they are placed firmly before proceeding with the next step
  • Complete the ink cartridge setup by closing the cartridge access door

HP DeskJet 2600 Driver Configuration

  • It is very important to acquire a great print quality and here is one of the important steps that you will conclude the HP DeskJet 2600 setup on a successful note
  • Make use of the instructions that are available below in order to download the driver for your printer
  • If you click the full feature driver, it will comprise of important software and installer that are essential for HP DeskJet 2600 setup
  • Utilize the installation CD or visit the HP website and follow the below-given steps for a proper setup
  • Prior to the installation, you have to understand that HP always recommends the software download from 123 hp site as it will provide the latest software drivers whereas the installation CD might have old software

Setting up the HP DeskJet 2600 Driver

  • Find out the directives given below to install the driver on your desktop and get ready to print the documents in style

Downloading the 123.hp.com/dj2600 Driver

  • Before you move on with the setup, detach the USB cable from the desktop and printer as it might hinder the process
  • Click Download and tap Run button right after a fresh window pops-up on the screen
  • After a few minutes, the software download will complete and you are ready to kick-start the setup process
  • Check the Download folder in your desktop and run the .exe file of HP software as administrator
  • Now you should carefully perform each and every step in setting up the driver
  • Follow the onscreen directives to complete the printer setup without any hindrance and start printing your documents right away.

If you are still facing issues in HP DeskJet 2600 setup, just navigate to our website 123 HP Printer Setup to know further information about the printer setup and troubleshooting in detail. You can also call our toll-free number +1-800-237-0201 to have a word with our customer support team.