How to setup – HP Deskjet 3511 Printer?

HP DeskJet 3511 is the best Printer available in the market today. This model is in more demand among Printer users. Complete the device setup to begin your Print, Scan, Copy, and Fax jobs. As HP models arrive with advanced Printing technology, operating system version, you may find it hard to execute the setup process. Let us help you to begin DeskJet 3511 setup process. It’s not a challenging task to complete the setup if you understand the setup guidelines

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The top features include HP ePrint, Apple Air Print, Wireless direct feature, Print speed of 20 ppm for color, 16 ppm for black, built-in wireless connectivity options, replacement ink cartridges, 60 sheet input tray, 25 sheet output tray, Inkjet printing technology, borderless printing, excellent media handling capacity and much more

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You can’t proceed with HP DeskJet 3511 setup without errors. If error codes pop up, we recommend choosing the appropriate troubleshooting guide to fix it

HP DeskJet 3511 Printer setup process in detail

Are you ready to set up HP DeskJet 3511 Printer? The instructions below can help you to complete HP DeskJet 3511 Printer setup

  • To begin HP DeskJet 3511setup, collect the necessary requisites
  • Identify the port to fix the Power, USB cable
  • To power up the device, connect one end of the cable to the device and the other end to the power adaptor
  • Insert the cartridges into the slot
  • Position the paper into the paper input tray
  • Now switch the device ON
  • Then access the device control panel
  • Choose the settings, WPS or Wi-Fi protected setup
    • To begin the setup, press the Wireless icon on your Printer
    • Also, hold WPS button on your router
    • The wireless light will turn ON
      • If you prefer WPS Pin method, press the wireless and information icon at the same time to print the wireless network test page
      • Make a note of the WPS Pin
      • After accessing the router configuration utility software, enter the WPS Pin to activate the connection
      • If WPS Push button method is your choice, choose the settings
      • Follow the onscreen guiding principle

Wi-Fi direct

  • To connect wirelessly without a Router from your Windows or Mac, we suggest using the Wi-Fi direct feature
    • Enable the feature on your Printer
    • You can go to the Wireless setup settings to find the settings
    • Meanwhile, enable the feature on your mobile device
    • Find the Wi-Fi direct enabled Printers
    • Select HP DeskJet 3511 Printer from the list
    • Enter the Wi-Fi direct Username, Password
    • You can wait until the connection is active
  • If the network is active, start adding your Windows and Mac device to HP DeskJet 3511 Printer
    • Windows users can go to the option, Devices, and Printers
    • Then choose the icon, Add Printer
    • Mac users can navigate to the System preference settings to select the option, Printers, and Scanners.
    • Choose the Printer, tap on the icon, Add
  • After adding Windows, Mac computer, select the document to Print
  • Click on the Print Icon
  • Follow the on-screen commands to complete the Print jobs
  • Similarly, you can choose the appropriate settings to perform other functions such as Scan, Copy, and Fax

Software installation process

  • To find the Printer drivers, access the software download portal
  • Navigate to the tab, let’s Identify your Product
  • Then enter the Printer name, Version
  • Select the software from the search results
  • The available software packages include Basic drivers, Driver product installation software, HP ePrint Software for Network and Wireless Connected Printers, HP Print and scan doctor tool, and HP DeskJet 3510Ink Advantage -All-in-One Printer series Basic Driver
  • Click on the icon, download
  • After tapping on the setup file, follow the onscreen instructions to complete the software installation
  • Tools such as HP easy start can also help to update HP printer drivers automatically
  • To fix HP DeskJet 3511 setup issues, check out the common troubleshooting tips available

How to troubleshoot printer setup issues?

The troubleshooting tips below can help to get rid of printer setup issues

Setup Error

  • If its setup error, verify the Printer setup steps
  • Understand the Printer setup guidelines before execution

Network issue

  • If you prefer WPS or Wi-Fi protected setup, choose the appropriate settings
  • Enter the appropriate WPS Pin
  • Disconnect your DeskJet 3511 Printer, Computer from the network and connect back again
  • Note that the settings differ for Push Button and Pin method
  • Check the compatibility of software tools such as HP easy start before using it

Hardware error

  • Confirm that the cables are connected properly to the device. If not disconnect the cables and connect back again
  • Ensure to choose the correct Input port
  • If the cables used are faulty, go for a replacement
  • HP DeskJet 3511 printer software error

It’s easy to fix printer software issues

  • Update HP DeskJet 3511 printer software with the latest version
  • Check the software compatibility before installation
  • Select the best methods to install HP DeskJet 3511 printer software

Unable to connect HP DeskJet 3511 printer to Windows and Mac

If you are unable to connect HP DeskJet 3511 printer to Windows and Mac, verify the settings. Remove the devices connected to the Printer and connect back again. A good speed, secure network is essential to complete the setup

HP Printer Troubleshooting



Why to do if my HP DeskJet 3511 printer is not working?

  • If your HP DeskJet 3511 printer is not working, verify the Printer settings
  • Check the compatibility of Windows, Mac version before connecting the Printer
  • If the Internet connection is not active; it’s hard to operate your Printer
  • Cartridge alignment issues can stop the Print jobs. Hence take out the cartridge and align it properly
  • Also, clear the jammed or stuck papers inside the Printer compartment
  • It’s equally important to upgrade HP DeskJet 3511 printer software version

How to download HP DeskJet 3511 manual?

To download HP DeskJet 3511 manual, visit the appropriate HP website portal. If your DeskJet 3511 Printer is brand new, the setup manual will be provided with the Printer package

What is HP easy start?

You can use HP easy start tool to find and update the Printer drivers automatically. The tool is compatible to use with Windows and Mac versions. To use the tool, it’s essential to connect your device to a high-speed network

Install the tool and execute the onscreen instructions that appear on your device display screen.

The application saves time and that’s the reason why the software demand increases. If you come across any errors while using HP easy start, uninstall, and install it again



What are the compatible methods to connect HP DeskJet 3511 printer to the network?

To connect HP DeskJet 3511 printer to the network, we suggest connection methods such as WPS or Wi-Fi direct

  • If WPS method is your choice, press and hold the wireless icon on your Printer and WPS button on your router
  • If you prefer Wi-Fi direct feature, enable the feature on your Computer, Mobile device. Select the Wi- fi direct enabled DeskJet 3511 printer and enter the Wi-Fi direct username, Password. Ensure to connect your Mobile device, Printer to the same network to fix network issues
  • We also suggest using a wired connection, if wireless setup methods are not compatible. You can use Ethernet cable to connect your Printer to the Router. Then execute the network settings

What causes HP DeskJet 3511 network issues?

  • Network or Wireless connectivity issues on HP DeskJet 3511 Printer may occur if you choose incorrect network settings
  • Providing wrong network credentials can cause error messages to pop up on your device display screen
  • Outdated Printer software used can be another reason

What is HP printer assistant?

HP printer assistant, the printer management software is compatible to use with your Windows version. Using the software, you can scan your document, photos. Also, check the Ink level. You can visit the HP customer support software download portal to find the software. Enter the Printer name after navigate to the section, let’s identify your Product

In case if your HP printer assistant does not open, upgrade your Windows OS with the latest version. Note that you cannot use the software with the Mac version

Our team of experts can assist you round the clock. Dial the toll-free number provided for DeskJet 3511 HP DeskJet 3511 Printer setup and troubleshooting assistance


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