How To Get Back My Hp Envy Printer In An Offline State ?

Do you get stuck with HP printer offline errors often? Never get panic. It’s easy to fix the issue. The Offline error blocks the communication between your Printer and Computer.

You may receive an error message on your device screen when HP Envy printer offline error popup. Faulty drivers used, paper jam, hardware, and network issues can cause the error. The Printer in offline state cannot perform Print functions

Let us help you to get back your HP Envy Printer in offline state. Here we suggest the common troubleshooting tips available to resolve the error.If the troubleshooting is complete, start operating your Printer and wait until the quality printouts arrive

Check your Printer connection

  • Check the cables connected to your Printer
  • Replace the faulty cables with a new one
  • Never use the wrong port to connect the Power, Ethernet, and USB cable
  • You can refer the Printer setup manual or user guide to identify the input port to connect the cables

Clear the stuck print jobs

Visually Inspect the Printer compartment to find the jammed or stuck papers. To fix the Paper jam, follow the instructions below

  • Stop the existing print jobs
  • Take out the jammed or stuck papers
  • Start printing again
  • Then check if HP Printer offline errors resolve

Reinstall the Printer drivers

Update your Printer drivers with the latest version to get rid of offline errors

  • To find HP Envy printer driver, visit the HP driver download portal
  • Navigate to the section, Let’s identify your product
  • Provide the Printer Name
  • The Printer software search results will appear on your device screen
  • After selecting the driver, click on the option, Download
  • Now tap on the setup file
  • Follow the on-screen commands to complete the software installation process

What If your Printer says offline again?

If your Printer says offline even after updating the drivers, it’s better to disable the Printer offline settings. These settings may differ for Windows and Mac version

  • Windows users can access the device control panel
  • Navigate to the Settings, Devices
  • Find and choose the option, Printers, and Scanners
  • Select your HP Envy Printer from the drop-down list
  • Now access the Print queue window
  • Find the Printer offline settings to disable it

Resolve Network issues

Internet connectivity issues can also cause HP printer offline errors. Hence you can verify the network status and try improving the wireless strength. Check out the guidelines below to get rid of connectivity issues

  • Check the Wireless network SSID, Password used
  • Print a network test document to verify the network settings
  • Do not use slow speed network to connect your device
  • Set up a new connection if network issues persist
  • If you prefer a Wired connection
    • Check the Ethernet port used to connect the Ethernet cable.
    • Inspect the cables for damages
    • Replace the faulty cables

Set your Printer as the default Printer

We also recommend setting your Printer as the Default Printer. It’s easy; you can navigate to the Windows start button and choose the settings, Devices. Now tap on the icon, Printers, and Scanners. Select HP Envy Printer from the list and click on the menu, Set as Default Printer 

Remove the Printer and add again

Check if you can remove the Printer and add it again. The process s easy


  • At first, navigate to the section, devices, and printers on your Computer
  • Now choose the settings, Printers, and Scanners
  • After selecting your HP Envy printer from the list, click on the icon, Remove device
  • Add your Printer again after a while
  • We also recommend connecting your Printer to another Computer


Mac users can go to the System preference settings and choose the icon, Printers, and Scanners. Now access the Printer Window to locate the connected HP Envy Printer. After selecting the Printer, tap on the icon, Reset Printing system to remove the added Printer

Restart HP Envy Printer

Performing a device restart or reset can also help to fix HP printer offline issue. Check if the reset button is located on your Printer. If yes, press the button to perform a Printer reset

Else navigate to the Printer control panel. Use the navigation key to choose your Printer and click on the icon Reset Printer or Factory reset. You are requested to wait for a while until the Printer reset process complete

The reset settings may differ for the latest and new HP Envy Printer models

Service your Printer

Service your device if you are using it for a long time. Also, it’s better to confirm the Printer warranty status before opting for the service

If you think that printer maintenance is expensive, it’s better to purchase a new Printer.Check out the Printer reviews to select the best HP Envy Printer that suits your budget and requirements

Restart the Printer spooler service

If you are running multiple print jobs, restart the printer spooler service, the application that manages the Print jobs sent to the Printer server

  • Navigate to the Start menu from your Windows device
  • Type the appropriate command to access the service management window
  • Select Printer spooler
  • Then click on the icon, restart
  • Now check if HP Envy Printer offline issues resolve

Note- You can also access the Windows task manager and select the services tab to find the printer spooler service settings

HP print and Scan doctor tool

HP Print and Scan doctor, the reliable diagnostic tool is widely used to fix the common HP Envy printer issues. To find the software, access the appropriate software download portal. If the download process is complete, run a quick scan and check if HP Envy printer offline errors resolve

It’s equally important to confirm the software compatibility to use with your HP Envy Printer

Use the troubleshooting tips above to fix HP Envy Printer offline error and experience hassle-free printing. Let us provide the latest updates here if you are interested to know more


Why MY HP ENVY PRINTER keeps going offline?

  • The offline error means that the communication between your printer and computer is stopped
  • The error message may pop up if the Printer drivers are outdated
  • Hardware, Network connectivity issues can also cause HP Envy printer offline error

How do I get back my HP ENVY PRINTER ONLINE?

To get back your HP Envy printer online, find the tips and tricks below

  • Check the cables connected
  • Replace the faulty cables
  • Verify the port used to connect the cables
  • Update HP printer drivers
  • Remove and reinstall the driver
  • Set the Printer default settings
  • Power cycle your Printer
  • Clear paper Jam
  • Check the cartridge alignment
  • Troubleshoot network issues
  • Choose a good speed network
  • Service your Printer
  • Restart the printer spooler service
  • Check if any other HP printer diagnostic tools are available
  • Print a network test document to confirm the network settings
  • Disconnect the computer connected to the Printer and connect back again
  • Stop multiple print jobs
  • Disable Print offline settings, sleep mode
  • Service your Printer
  • Select the appropriate settings to operate your HP Envy printer
  • Purchase a new Printer if the errors persist after troubleshooting

Why is my HP Envy Printer not printing? How to fix the error?

  • If you find it hard to print your documents using HP Envy Printer, clear the stuck papers inside the printer compartment
  • Check the Cartridges used
  • Fill Ink to the required level
  • Use good quality papers to print your documents
  • Verify that your Printer is connected to the network before printing
  • Reset your printer and check if the Printing issues resolve
  • Disable the Printer offline mode. Fix Printer offline issues if any
  • Do not use faulty cables to connect your HP Envy Printer to the Router and Power source
  • Restart the printer spooler service and start printing again
  • If the troubleshooting is complete, print a test document to verify the Print quality and speed

How to utilize HP print and scan doctor tool to fix HP Envy Printer offline error?

If you prefer using HP print and scan doctor tool to fix the offline error, download the software setup file by visiting the HP driver download portal. Access the tool to run a quick scan. Now check if you can get back your HP envy printer online

You can also use the tool to fix Print, Scan issues


There is no Print and scan doctor tool for Mac


If your HP Envy Printer is brand new, here we suggest the methods to download HP drivers

  • Visit HP driver download portal
  • Then navigate to the section, Let’s identify your product
  • By providing the printer name and version, you can get the software search results
  • Select the software
  • Click on the option, Download
  • After extracting the setup file to the required folder, you can proceed with the installation
  • If the software CD is provided, insert the CD, tap on the setup file, and follow the commands to complete the installation
  • Utility tools such as HP Easy Startcan automatically install and update the drivers

How do I power cycle my HP Envy Printer to overcome HP printer offline error?

Power cycling your Printer may help to fix HP printer offline error. Check out the instructions below if you are a new user

  • Switch off your Printer
  • Unplug the power cord
  • Also, remove the other cables connected
  • You are requested to wait for 30 seconds
  • Plug the power cord again
  • Turn the Print ON
  • Perform print, Scan, Copy and Fax jobs to check the functionality of the Printer

How to change the Printer offline status to online?

It’s easy to change printer offline settings to online.Windows users can find the instructions here

  • Turn on your Windows device
  • Access the Settings, Printers, and Scanners
  • Select the Printer
  • Now access the Print queue Window
  • Tap on the icon, Printer offline
  • Now change the status to online
  • This is how you can change the settings manually

What are the best HP Envy printers of 2021?

As we all know, to get good quality print results, it’s essential to choose the best printer that arrives with top features. If you are ready to purchase, here we recommend the top HP Envy printer models available in the market today

  • HP ENVYPhoto 6255 All in One Photo Printer, Envy 7855 All in One Printer
  • ENVY5530 All in One Printer, Envy 7640 wireless All in One Photo Printer
  • HP Envy5660 All-in-One Photo Printer

How do I find my HP Envy Printer queue?

To find the Printer queue on your Windows, go to the Settings > Devices and Printers. Select your Printer Name and click on the icon, See what’s printing to find the Print queue

If there are multiple Print jobs, reset the printer spooler service and start printing again. It’s good to avoid several Print jobs


  • If your HP printer connected to Wi-Fi shows offline, check if your Printer, Computer is connected to the same network
  • Update or upgrade the Wi-Fi drivers on your Computer
  • Restart your Printer, Computer and check if the error codes resolve
  • Disable the Printer offline settings
  • Set up a new network if possible

Note- If you prefer a wired connection, check the Ethernet cable used to connect your Printer to the Router

Why do we suggest HP Envy Printers?

  • HP Envy Printers are known for excellent Print quality and speed
  • Envy Printer models are many
  • Arrives with top features
  • Stylish design
  • You can experience hassle-free printing
  • It’s easy to troubleshoot printing issues
  • The latest models support borderless, two-sided printing
  • The Instant ink technology reduces the Printing cost
  • Long battery life
  • Easy to handle

How do I update HP Envy Printer drivers?

It’s easy to update HP Envy Printer drivers. Windows users can access the device manager and select the connected Envy Printer. Then right-click the Printer name and choose the option, Update Printer driver.

Mac users can access the System Preference Settings to find the software update option

If you come across any issues while performing a software update, verify the network settings and try improving the speed


  • If you do not fix HP Printer offline error, it’s hard to perform the Print,Scan or copy jobs
  • Error messages may popup
  • The communication between your Printer and Computer might stop
  • Can cause Printer damage

How to print using HP Envy Printers?

To print your documents using HP Envy Printers, follow the steps below

  • If your Printer is brand new, complete the first time Printer setup
  • Execute the wireless setup
  • Add your Windows or Mac device
  • Select the document to print
  • Wait for the Printing menu to appear
  • Choose the print preference settings
  • Click on the Print menu to send the print jobs to the Print queue
  • Wait until the Print jobs complete
  • Check the Print quality before proceeding with the remaining print jobs
  • Ensure to choose the valid Print settings
  • Else you may get stuck with Printing issues

We are happy to help you

To fix HP printer offline error, please reach out to our HP printer customer support team. For more updates, read the latest blogs posted on our website portal