HP Printer Setup and troubleshooting For Windows Vista


HP Printer Setup For Windows

Steps to setup the HP printer for Windows Vista

  1. Accomplish your HP printer setup and installation as mentioned on https://www.123hp-com.com/hp-printer-setup-for-windows/
  2. To install the windows driver for your HP printer in Windows Vista, you can obtain the latest driver downloads from 123.hp.com/driver download
  3. Configure your Windows Update to automatically download the driver software
    • In Windows click on Change device installation settings
    • Click on Yes and then Save Changes
  4. For a wired or wireless connection:
    • Connect the printer and the computer to a local network with a cable or through your wireless connection
    • Windows Vista will automatically detect the printer and set it up
  5. Connect to the wired network with an Ethernet cable
  6. Under the Devices and Printers menu, click on Add a Printer and then Add a network
  7. If the printer is listed:
    • Click on Next
    • A prompt will ask you to enter the printer’s WPS PIN
    • Complete the installation by following the on-screen instructions
  8. If the printer is unlisted or not found:
  9. After selecting the back arrow, click on What type of Printer do you want to install?
  10. Click on Add a local printer and select Use an existing port
  11. Click on Next and then on Windows Update
  12. The printer drivers will get updated after which you can enter the manufacturer’s details
  13. Select your printer on the list and Click Next
  14. Follow instructions on the screen to install the driver
  15. For manually adding the printer:
    • Click on Add a network and then on The Printer I want isn’t listed
    • Choose the Add a printer using the TCP/IP address and click Next
    • From the Device Type menu select Autodetect
    • Enter the printer’s Hostname or IP Address and click Next
  16. Click on Next to print a test report
  17. In case of any trouble during installation and for all printer issues log in to 123.hp.com/troubleshooting

Note :
The Windows Vista setup can be enabled by default with the Windows auto-setup feature that allows installation for a small network of 30 devices or less. The Windows Operating system will provide a prompt that will discover the printers and devices on your home network.

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