HP Printer Software Download for Windows XP


HP Printer Driver Download For Windows XP

Steps to download the HP printer drivers for Windows XP

  1. Click on the latest version of the HP printer driver at 123.hp.com/driver download
  2. Use the USB connection to download and install a driver
    • The cable between the printer and the computer should be disconnected
    • Identify your HP printer model
    • Follow on-screen instructions to go to the driver download page
    • Click on Download for the full-feature driver
  3. In Windows XP to install new drivers or to update new drivers:
    • Log in as the administrator
    • Connect the Windows XP computer to a network
    • Click on the Start button on the computer’s home screen
    • Under Control Panel of the computer, open Printers & Other hardware
    • Click on zPrinters & Faxes
    • Right click your HP printer name available on the list and select Properties
    • Open the Advanced tab
  4. For a new printer driver
    • Click on New Driver to update a new printer driver
    • To update a new version of the printer driver
    • Click on Add a Printer Driver wizard
    • Click on Next and follow any one of the following instructions
    • If the printer driver is already available on the list, select it from the Driver list and install it
    • If the printer driver is not on the list, then use the new CD or diskette that accompanies the pack from the manufacturer:
    • Click on Have Disk
    • Type the path where the driver is located
    • Click OK
    • Update manufacturer’s details and the printer model when prompted – when the driver is available
    • Click on Finish to install the printer driver
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Supported OS Versions for Windows XP HP Printer Driver Download