HP Printer Software Download for Mac Sierra


HP Printer Driver Download For Mac Seirra

Steps to download the HP printer drivers for Mac Sierra

  1. The latest version of the HP printer drivers for your MAC sierra can be downloaded from 123hp-com.com/macdriverdownload
  2. Download the printer driver:
    • The HP Easy Start guided installation app is available:
      • Follow the onscreen instructions on the website to download the driver
      • The HP Easy Start may open opened but the driver is not downloaded:
      • Make sure if the computer is connected to the network
      • Try download instructions again
    • Enter your printer model name when prompted
    • Confirm the operating system version
    • Under Driver-Product Installation Software, click on Download next to the HP Easy Start
    • The printer driver will be downloaded in the Downloads folder
      • Installation of the HP print driver from the Downloads folder
        • During installation you can choose the connection type (USB, Wireless or Wired) in according to the printer preferences
        • Click and open the Downloads folder
        • Select the HP Easy Start file or the full feature printer driver .dmg file to download the printer driver
        • Follow the instructions on the screen to setup printer connection and install the printer driver
        • To create a print queue on the Mac, click on Add Printer
        • Open the Add window
        • Click on Use or Print Using menu
        • Select your HP printer name
        • Click on Add
        • Return back to the HP installer to complete the installation
    • Installing the HP driver using the Apple Software update:
      • In the Apple menu, click on Print & Fax and then on Printers & Scanners
      • The printers list will display with the name of your HP printer
      • To confirm printer communication, remove and Re-add the printer:
      • Click the name of your printer
      • Select Minus sign to remove it
      • Then click on the Plus sign
      • Select Add Printer or Scanner
      • Click on your printer name to add it
    • Click on the Use or Print Using menu
    • Select your printer name
    • Click on Add to add to the printer’s list
    • Click Download & Install to complete installation for software installation (when prompted)
    • Close System Preferences and print a test page
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Supported OS Versions for Mac HP Printer Driver Download