Troubleshooting HP Printer Windows 10 Offline Issue

When the printer is unable to print after updating to Windows 10 or the printer is not working and cannot print or HP printer offline Windows 10 Wireless issue.

You may choose to upgrade from Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 to Windows 10 on your computer (PC). At the time, it might show an offline status and the printer may stop working. The new Windows 10 Operating system, for a specific type of hardware, may not be compatible with some of the printer drivers.

To resolve the HP printer offline windows 10 wireless issue will discuss steps:

 HP Printer Offline Windows 10 Wireless

Basic checks to be conducted:

  • Printer connected to Network or Computer
  • USB cable plugged from the printer to the Windows 10 machine
  • There is no error on printer status
  • The printer status is green

In Windows 10 to Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1 how do we fix printer offline issues?

Re-installing the Printer drivers after uninstalling them

  • Click open Device Manager
  • On the left of the window you will find the Printer
  • Click on the icon of the printer and expand it
  • In the Device manager right-click the printer icon
  • Select Uninstall
  • To remove the installed printer, on the pop-up window, follow the instructions
  • The Windows 10 computer can be restarted
  • A CD should come along with the printer that can be used to install the device
  • Restart Windows 10 once again and verify the status of the printer
  • The latest driver for Windows 10 has to be updated
    • Go to the printer’s website
    • Check for a new version of the driver for Windows 10 (compatible for your printer)
    • Once found, click on download
    • Install as per the instructions

If the HP printer offline windows 10 wireless issue still remains unresolved even after a clean driver update, try the below procedure:

Use the Compatibility mode on Windows 10 to install a new printer driver

    • From the manufacturer’s website download the latest driver.
    • Save it to your desk top locally.
    • Look for the setup file and right-click on it.
    • Select Properties.
    • After that choose the Compatibility Tab.
    • Check mark the Run this program in Compatibility mode.
    • Look at the drop-down list and select the relevant operating system.
    • Continue the installation of the print driver.
    • Check the functionality after installation.

With the built-in troubleshooter, troubleshoot Windows 10 Printer issues:

  • On Control panel change the view (you may have to modify it to top right to Large icons).
  • Click on view all(see the left panel)after selecting troubleshooting.
  • Run both the Printer troubleshooter and the Hardware and devices.

After it got unplugged accidentally, my wireless Printer showing offline:

Without power off or proper shutdown if printers are suddenly unplugged, then it may have lost contact with the router and the computer (PC) due to its un-proper removal.

Restart all the devices between your computer and printer to resolve the issue (router/switch and computer).

Still, the HP printer offline windows 10 wireless issue remains on your system, contact our Printer customer care through the toll-free number 1-800-237-0201 or visit us at