How To Connect The Hp Printer To Your Laptop, Computer, Or Mobile Device? 

After you complete the HP printer setup, the next step is to connect the Printer to a Wireless network to print the document or photos from the computer or smartphone. The procedure is quite simple, and it allows you to print the images and files from Google driver, cloud, iPhone, or iPad. The HP printer is one of the best Printers which can use for home or office use. It is an affordable printer with unique features. In HP printers, it’s easy to connect the HP printer to a laptop or computer by following few steps. You can connect the HP printer using USB wires or a Wireless network. The article explains to you the different ways to connect the HP printer to your device. Let’s begin to connect the HP printer to the laptop or computer for quick printing.



  • Before you begin to connect the HP printer, make sure that your Printer’s power cord connects to the wall outlet and the Printer is powered on.
  • Take the USB connector cable. Then, plug the square shape connector into the Printer’s USB port and plug the flattened shape connector into the laptop or computer’s USB port.
  • To open the Start Menu, click the Windows icon on the bottom left.
  • A gear icon will appear, which will reveal the settings window.
  • Look for the Devices option in the Settings Window and select the Printers & Scanners icon.
  • The new window opens, and tap the Add Printer or Scanner option. It is the first button on the top in the window.
  • Windows should be able to recognize your Printer connected via USB cable when you click Add Printer or Scanner.
  • When the name of your Printer appears, click it and follow the prompts as directed on your computer to complete the HP printer installation.



Note: If during the connection process or when you install the Software for the HP printer, laptop or computer prompts you to enter a WPS Pin, Select the cancel button.


  • For the HP printer with a Wireless button, press the Wireless button for three seconds until the wireless light blinks.
  • If your HP printer doesn’t have a Wireless button but has a touchscreen control panel, Navigate to the Network Settings or Wireless Settings menu.
  • Search and touch the Wi-Fi Protected Setup, then touch the Push button option.
  • And then, touch the start option on the HP printer’s touchscreen.
  • It prompts a message stating to press the WPS button for 3 seconds. Now, go near the router and press the WPS button for 3 to 5 seconds till the connection is established. It may take 2 minutes to connect the HP printer to the laptop or computer using the Wi-Fi connection.
  • Finally, you can install the Software on your laptop, PC, or mobile device and begin to print the documents and photos.


Install your HP printer using HP Easy Start, an automated download and installation application for HP printers. Before installing the HP printer, make sure it is set up and powered on. If you connected the HP printer to the PC or laptop using a USB cable, unplug the wires and plug it back in when you’re instructed while performing the installation. Now, it’s time to start the procedure for installation.


  • On your laptop or computer, open the browser you’re comfortable with.
  • Type in the search bar and press enter.
  • The HP site opens, and click the Download button to download the Software for your HP printer.
  • Now, the HP Easy start file downloads on the computer.
  • After the HP Easy Start is downloaded, open the file.
  • Now, connect the USB cable to the HP printer and the laptop or computer.
  • Then, review and select the agreement checkbox to proceed.
  • It will be displayed if the computer detects it. If your HP printer is not detected, you can tap on the My printer is not shown button. And make sure that the USB wire is connected firmly to the Printer and computer.
  • Once the Printer is detected, the installer establishes a connection between the laptop or computer and the Printer.
  • Then, follow the guidelines as instructed to complete the installation procedure using the USB cable.
  • Once the Software is installed, you can try to print the documents and images to view the quality and speed of the HP printer works on a USB connection.



AirPrint is an enabled printers application designed mainly for Apple products and answers your wireless printing needs. AirPrint allows you to print computer-quality images and documents from any of your Apple products without the need to download drivers or install printer-specific Software. Hundreds of wireless printers are already available that support AirPrint.


  • Select Wi-Fi from your Apple settings to see all accessible networks.
  • Make sure your iPhone or iPad and Printer are both linked to the same Wi-Fi network for smooth printing.
  • Then, open the file or image you wish to print from on your Apple device.
  • When you have found the proper document, touch the share icon in the app.
  • Select your Printer from the list of sharing options by tapping the Print icon.
  • A print preview screen will appear on your device, asking how you want to modify the print job and the number of copies you want to make.
  • After you have complete inputting the document, tap Print to finalize the process.



Android technology is always evolving, giving users on the road even more freedom from their PCs and desktops. They developed Google Cloud Print to deliver excellent cloud printing. You may print from your Android phone or tablet and can even download it to your PC. Users need to download Google Cloud Print from the Android app store to print wirelessly from their mobile devices.


  • On your PC or laptop, open the Google Chrome browser.
  • In the top right corner of the browser window, click the three stacked dots.
  • Select Settings and then scroll down to choose Advanced Settings on the Settings page.
  • Please scroll down to the printing section and click it.  Google Cloud Print is an application that Google offers.
  • Select Manage Cloud Print Devices from the drop-down menu.
  • Click Add Printers in the new window that appears.
  • After ensuring that your wireless Printer is turned on, select the name of your Printer.
  • From your Android device’s home screen, go to the Play Store.
  • Select Cloud Print by Google Inc. from the Play Store search results and install the program.
  • Open the file from your device that you wish to print.
  • Select Print from the three stacked dots at the upper right of the selected document.
  • To finish the print job, select the appropriate HP printer and tap the printer icon.



Add the wireless Printer to your laptop after it has gained access to the Wi-Fi network.


  • Turn the HP printer on.
  • Type printer into the Windows Search text box.
  • Choose the printers and scanners icon.
  • Select the Add a printer or scanner button from the Settings window.
  • Choose your HP printer from the list.
  • Select Add a device.
  • Wait for the computer to install the required drivers and connect the Printer to the laptop.
  • You may be prompted to install extra Software by Windows. If that’s the case, go to the Microsoft Store and click Get the app to download and install the Software.
  • When the configuration is finished, the laptop prints to the wireless Printer without a USB or printer cord.
  • Return to Printers & Scanners if Windows does not recognize the Return to Printers & Scanners if Windows does not recognize the Printer.
  • To add the HP printer by selecting Add a printer or scanner.
  • Then, please select the option The printer that I want isn’t listed.
  • Choose Next after selecting Add a Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or network discoverable Printer in the Add Printer box.
  • Choose Next after selecting the wireless Printer.
  • When you’re finished, close the Settings window.



The procedure for adding a wireless printer to a Windows 8 or Windows 7 laptop differs slightly.


  • Select the Devices & Printers option from the Start menu.
  • Tap the Add a printer button.
  • Select Add a network, wireless, or Bluetooth printer in the Add Printer wizard.
  • Then, select the printer from the list of available printers and then select Next.
  • The printer driver may be installed by Windows. If this is the case, click Install driver to proceed.
  • Follow the wizard’s instructions.
  • When you’re finished, click Finish.



It’s the same as printing from any device to any printer when you print from your laptop to a wireless printer.


  • Ensure the Printer is turned on, link the laptop and Printer to Wi-Fi, and that the paper tray is full.
  • Open the document you wish to print.
  • Then, open the file you had like to print.
  • Choose the Printer icon.
  • Now, Select the wireless printer option.
  • Make any necessary modifications to the print settings. And then, select Print.
  • In the printer output tray, the printed sheets will be ready for you.



Note: Make sure your printer is wirelessly or via Ethernet cable linked to your local network, and that you have internet connection. HP ePrint does not work when the printer is connected to a computer via USB cable.


If prompted, follow any instructions for enabling Web Services or activating your HP printer.


  • The following is taken directly from the printer’s control panel: To access the Web Services menu, tap the HP ePrint icon or button, or go to Web Services Setup, Network Setup, or Wireless Settings. On the Web Services screen, the ePrint email address appears.
  • In your HP account,Login to HP Smart (in English). Next to the name of your printer comes the ePrint email address.



Email printing is available from HP printer manufacturers. The Printer is given an email address when you sign up on their website. You will send the document to your Printer using this email address. So you can print a document on your wireless Printer even if you’re not at home or in the workplace. You can find the email address by looking through the HP printer’s menu. Look for HP ePrint on an HP printer.


When your laptop isn’t connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the Printer, use the following steps to print a document:


  • Make that the Wi-Fi router is turned on, the Printer is turned on and linked to the Wi-Fi network, and the printer tray is full of paper.
  • Open your email client of choice.
  • Make a new email message.
  • Enter the email address that the manufacturer assigned to the wireless Printer in the To text box.
  • Enter a description of the print job as the subject.
  • Several email printing services require a subject. The print job terminates if there is no subject.
  • Please upload the document you wish to print.
  • The size and quantity of attachment allows by the email print service may limit. In addition, the file types that supports may restrict.
  • If you want to print a second sheet containing document details or additional instructions, type a message. And then, select Send.
  • The file prints after being submitting to the wireless Printer.

If any assistance is needed to connect the HP printer to the laptop, computer, or mobile device, please contact our printer team for instant resolution.




What’s the best way to get my laptop to identify my printer?

To access Windows Update, move your pointer to the top-right corner of your screen, click Settings, and then type Windows Update into the Search box. Check for updates, accept all of them, and then restart your computer. Connect your printer’s USB cable to the laptop when it has fully rebooted and see whether you can print.

Why isn’t my laptop’s wireless printer connecting?

Please check that it has a Wi-Fi connection to the internet. Use a USB cord to reconnect and see if it works. Place your printer in a location where it will receive a strong Wi-Fi signal with little interference. If this is the case, connect your device to the network, adjust the security settings to include printers, and instal the most recent drivers.

How can I use a USB to connect my laptop to the HP printer?

Use the USB cable to connect the Printer to your computer and turn it on.

From the Start menu, select Settings.

Go to Devices and choose it.

Add a printer or scanner by clicking the Add a printer button.

If Windows detects your printer, click on its name and follow the on-screen directions to complete the installation.

What is the purpose of printers having email addresses?

Each ePrint device has its simple email address, and submitting a document or image to address results in a physical printed page. So, using an email address to identify a remote printer makes perfect sense on a lot of levels.

Why isn’t my printer able to interact with my computer?

A loose cable is the root of many computer connectivity troubles. Make sure that all of the cords connecting your computer to your printer are secure on both ends. For example, if your Printer isn’t turning on, the problem could be with the power cord.

How do I print wirelessly with the HP printer?

Make your content selection. Print a document or a photo, open it, hit the menu icon, and select Print.

Choose your Printer. Choose Print. Verify and select your Printer and that your print settings are accurate.

Please print it out and enjoy it. To print, press the print button.

What is the function of wireless printers?

Here are some basic and universal instructions for printing with a Wi-Fi printer from an Android smartphone or tablet: Go to the Settings on your mobile device and select the Wi-Fi option. To begin scanning for networks, click the Wi-Fi symbol. Once the Wi-Fi printer name shows, select it.


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