Always there is some extra fun with nowadays electronic gadget releases, especially if you are a technology nerd. By interconnecting the dots between various features, new gadgets with inimitable features are releasing now, which could ease all your complex tasks in a few seconds.

Printers are always prevailing as a great professional need, and it is continually transforming with brand new characteristics to simplify the difficult printing works. HP is coping with the latest trends and releasing new models with varying sizes and specifications. One of such compact printer variety is the Sprocket model.

What is HP Sprocket?

Simply explaining, HP Sprocket printer is coming up with smartphone size, where you can print photos from your mobile and tablet like gadgets by instant sharing. The quality is the most anticipated thing on printers, especially ‘Photo printers’. And getting that photo printer at compact size is even much better to handle your printing works.

HP Sprocket Setup

HP Sprocket Setup

This perfect pocket-friendly printer can give you instant printouts, just by connecting your smartphone and tablets via the wireless connection. No more waiting with alacrity to take your prints for all your vivid photo collection. Take the Sprocket anywhere and click it away to get your print outs. The HP Sprocket setup process is a very easy one just like connecting the mobiles.

HP Sprocket Features

The foremost significant feature is its portable option, where you can easily bag this Sprocket with you and print anywhere you want. You can instantly print all the photos with the desired quality by connecting social media accounts at one spot. Before getting out the print, you can also configure and customize some options for your photo such as borders, fun text, etc. and take your unique own print.

Just like the mobile, charge the Sprocket printer using the micro USB cable and connect to your gadgets to print. For the best quality for your photo print, just go for HP ZINK sticky photo paper, which can give the accurate print results with vivid colors.

This HP Sprocket printer model comes with different choices, Sprocket, Sprocket 200, Sprocket 2 in 1, and Sprocket plus. Sprocket 2 in 1 has one additional feature than the other models, which is the embedded camera in the smartphone-sized printer. Yes, just like the portable camera, you can use the 2 in 1 Sprocket both for clicking out the photos and take instant prints. All the models have immediate print and share, photo personalizing options etc.

HP Sprocket App

You can connect your Sprocket printer and the mobile devices by Bluetooth setting options and also by HP Sprocket app. By doing this Sprocket app setup, you can connect all your social media accounts to this app, and take instant colorful prints for all your social media pictures. Customizing photos option is under the Sprocket mobile app only, and so, by installing the app you can unlock the configuring features for all your photos. Especially for the Sprocket 200 model, you need the Sprocket app for the setup process.

HP Sprocket Setup

Connect Sprocket printer and your mobile/tablet

This connection is just like connecting your mobiles using the Bluetooth option. Follow the below steps to connect your mobile with the Sprocket,

  • In the first place, turn on the Bluetooth option in the respective mobile or tablet that you want to connect
  • Hold the power button of the Sprocket till the LED turns on to white
  • Get the app from the app store, install the app and go to the menu options in the Sprocket app
  • By selecting the printer option, your mobile will start looking out for available Sprocket printers nearby to the mobile
  • Click the printer name to pair with the Sprocket

For the Sprocket 2 in 1 printer model only, you need to close the camera option before taking out the print. Thereby, in the first place, close the viewfinder and move on to the printer option. Now follow the same steps as above to connect and print your photos using the Sprocket app.

Loading the Photo Paper

  • Remove the paper cover lid by sliding out so that you get the paper input slot
  • Get the original HP Sprocket photo paper, remove the coverings and take out the photo papers
  • Make sure, that you are placing the blue card in the slot with the barcode facing the downward direction
  • Now place the photo papers in the slot, same as barcode place the papers by facing logo downward
  • Subsequently, share the pictures to the printer via Sprocket app and instantly take all your prints

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