HP Tango Printer Setup

At the time when everything is becoming smart, it would be anomalous if printing is being done the same old way and HP, one of the printer bigwigs, has a new printer out of its stable, the HP tango printer. Use HP tango printer and you will find printing never to be the same again. With HP tango printer you can print anything, anywhere and at any time. The following instructions help you to understand the HP Tango printer setup better.

Tango Printer Series Set up from Android or iPhone/iPad:

The HP Tango Printer Series can be set up from Android or an iPhone/iPad. Following are the pre-requisites of HP Tango printer setup through Android or iPhone/iPad.

  • Wireless network paired with Internet access
  • An Android or iPhone/iPad device connected to the network in which you opt to install the printer
  • Bluetooth activation in the Android or IOS as per your device’s build
HP Tango Printer Setup

HP Tango Printer Setup

Steps for HP Tango Printer Setup

The steps for HP tango Printer Series setup can be classified as the Preliminary steps and the Subsequent Steps

Preliminary Steps

    • Unpack the box and take the printer and the tray out


  • Un-wrap the package having the setup card, HP instant Ink card with a sample pack of HP Advanced Photo Paper and the printer quick reference card
  • Place the printer on the tray
  • Attach power cord to the printer
  • Greenlight winks and signaling that the printer is awake
  • From green now the lights turn rotating blue which indicates that the printer’s readiness for setup

Subsequent Steps

  • The printer’s box has a QR Code that should be scanned with your Android device’s QR Reader or the iPhone/iPad’s Camera as per your device build
  • Else you can visit 123.hp.com and press Get the app
  • Follow the instructions for installing the app and click to open the app
  • Tick the checkbox agreeing to the terms and then hit start
  • Tap on the plus symbol and click on add printer option if you have another printer on the network
  • When prompted, click continue and then click ‘allow’ to permit the HP Smart access to the location of the device
  • Click on the Tango printer after which the app will find the printer and ask for your wireless network password
  • Key your wireless network password and tap continue
  •  You can connect your printer to the network and proceed with the remaining steps

Sign in to your HP Connected Account

  • Now follow the prompts to set up a new HP Connected Account or sign in to your already existing HP Connected account
  • It is mandatory to have an HP connected account to enjoy the Print Anywhere option in HP smart
  • HP Smart supports to view the printer status and to print when you are physically away from your printer
  • With the help of the instruction manual and the video, open the printer’s lid and take out the foam sheet
  • Adjust the printer’s paper guides and insert the letter or A4 paper and place the guides properly
  • Go back to the app and tap on next or skip this step
  • Press the button and open the printer’s ink door. Lift the ink door until it locks in position
  • Take out two ink cartridge packs from the printer box and unpack them
  • Each cartridge has an orange tab, take it out to remove the protective tape, be sure not to touch the contacts and the ink nozzles
  • Now insert the tri-color cartridge in the left slot of the printer and likewise insert the black cartridge in the right slot of the printer
  • Squeeze the tri-color cartridge and latch it together till it clicks it its place.
  • Now squeeze the black cartridge and latch in the same way as done for the tri-color cartridge and close the ink door
  • Go back to the app and tap on next or skip this step
  • Click on align to start the alignment process to optimize the print quality
  • Click on next and then go through the information on HP Instant Ink
  • When enrolled to HP Instant Ink in Supported countries the four by six and five by seven photos printed from your mobile to your tango printer is free
  • Click on continue if you want to enroll with HP Instant Ink and then fill the required information and click on Enroll
  • It is necessary to install the HP print service plugin to use the HP Smart
  • When prompted, click on continue to install, update or activate the plugin
  • To use the option of printing from other devices and computers, click on Send Link and follow the prompts else go to 123.hp.com on the device and download the required app or software
  • Read and answer to the prompts on the screens and when asked, click on print a document
  • Read the remaining prompts and responded accordingly
  • Click on the print icon to check the printer’s network connection set up
  • On the whole, HP smart helps you to print, scan, adjust paper settings and also get support for your HP Tango series printer

The above HP Tango printer setup instructions will help you to use your HP tango printer smartly. To know more about the HP Tango printer, please feel free to visit our website https://www.123hp-com.com/ or give us a call at our toll-free number +1-800-237-0201.