HP Tango X Printer – Wireless Setup and Driver Download & Installation


HP Tango X Wireless Setup Guidelines

Are you in search for best printer to complete your entire print, scan and fax jobs? Introducing HP Tango X printer with most exciting features and specifications. It’s hard to operate as the device lacks a touch screen and control panel. Hence you require a computer or smartphone to operate it. Compatible for home use and there exist customers who always opt for this model.

Top features and specifications always become a plus point & let us give you few updates before proceeding with HP Tango X wireless setup

  • Will be the right choice if you are expecting high-quality print outs in good speed
  • Design features appear attractive with charcoal gray fabric cover
  • Compatible to operate with your mobile device in spite of your location
  • It’s good that apart from mobile devices, you can use the device with Alexa, Google or Cortana
  • Uses HP Instant Ink program to save Ink and reduce the cost of printing to some extent

It will be good if you get an idea of highlighting features & specifications before you buy

Let us proceed with HP Tango X wireless setup and here we explain the instructions in detail

  • As the initial step, turn all your devices on. This include computer and smartphone
  • Place the printer close to supporting devices & verify if all the hardware connections are secure
  • It’s important to use the same network for all your devices.

First-time Printer Setup For All New Models

For new models, remove the protective tapes that surround the printer, place the paper in your paper input tray, slide the cartridges to the required slot and carry on with steps to establish the network connection and complete software download

How to Connect HP Tango X to Wi-Fi?

Connecting HP Tango X wireless printer to network is easy & you can opt for best network connectivity options available

HP Tango X Wireless Setup
HP Tango X Wireless Setup

HP Smart App to Connect HP Tango X to Network

  • Try installing HP Smart app visiting your device app store. Open HP Smart app and proceed to add your HP Tango X wireless printer
  • Start your search navigating through the settings. Click on the plus symbol to add your device
  • Recommend you to proceed with setup steps and provide the network credentials (Wireless network user name & password). Once you receive an indication or prompt
  • Wait for a while until wireless light start blinking as it indicates that HP Tango X wireless connection is active.

Apart from these, there are other connection methods such as Wi-Fi direct and WPS method. You can opt for best one compatible

Make a note that HP Tango X Wireless Setup steps depend on the operating system version of mobile device that you use (Windows 10, iOS or Android version)

WPS Method

If WPS connection method is your choice, suggest you to press and hold the wireless icon located at the back of your printer and power button for 5 seconds. Also, press & hold WPS button located at the back side of your router and wait for WPS setup to begin

Install Compatible HP Tango X Wireless Printer Software

Find the compatible HP Tango x wireless printer software page visiting the respective webpage and drivers are available to use with operating system versions that include Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10

  • Visit the software & driver download section, type the printer name and operating system version in the required space
  • Use the download option and extract files to required directory once the download process complete

Once if the software download is done, read and respond to remaining set of instructions that appear on your device display screen to complete HP Tango x wireless setup guide

Most often errors popup due to network issues, invalid software or HP smart app that you use. In case if the error message popup, find the error type & the respective troubleshooting guide to executing it right away

For assistance & for more updates on HP Tango X printer setup, recommend you to contact our techies ringing the support number +1-850-761-8950 or visit 123.hp.com and our agents will respond as you wait.