Is it easy to set up HP wireless OfficeJet Printer in 2021 ?

The answer is yes. Connecting your HP wireless Office jet Printer to the network is easy

If you are using an HP wireless OfficeJet Printer, let us help you to complete the wireless setup process to begin your Print, Scan, Copy, and fax jobs

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If HP OfficeJet Printer is your choice, wireless setup methods are many. Choose the best and easy method.HP wireless setup wizard; WPS methods are compatible to use with HP.You can check the network compatibility to proceed further

You may get stuck with wireless setup issues. If you come across any errors, fix it using the appropriate troubleshooting guide

How to connect HP wireless OfficeJet Printer using Wireless setup wizard?

  • If Wireless setup wizard is your choice, turn on your Printer
  • Then access the device control panel
  • Choose the option, Wireless setup wizard
  • Find the list of available networks
  • Respond to the wizard instructions one by one
  • Select your Network
  • Enter the Wireless network SSID, Password
  • Then wait until the connection is active

If you prefer using the WPS method

  • If WPS method is your choice to connect HP wireless OfficeJet Printer to the network, turn on your Printer, Computer
  • Press the wireless icon on your Printer
  • Also, turn on the WPS icon on your Router
  • Meanwhile, hold the wireless and information icon on your Printer at the same time to generate WPS pin
  • Now access the Router configuration utility tool
  • Then enter the WPS Pin
  • You can also choose WPS push button method if required. After selecting the option, WPS push button, follow the onscreen guidelines that appear

Use HP auto wireless connect

The latest HP office jet wireless Printer models arrive with HP auto wireless connect feature. The feature enables connecting your Printer to the network without using any cables

Windows Vista, Mac OS X 10.5 are the system requirements to use the feature. To enable HP auto wireless connect, install the software and follow the onscreen guidelines that appear on your device display screen

USB setup for Wireless

If you are using HP wireless OfficeJet Printer without a touch screen display

If your HP wireless OfficeJet Printer does not have a touch screen display, connect a temporary USB cable between your Printer and Computer. Access the Printer software, select the appropriate settings and follow the onscreen instructions that appear on your device screen. The software will help to find automatic wireless settings

If the wireless setup is complete, navigate to the settings to add your Windows, Computer. After adding your device, choose the document and click on the Print icon to start printing your documents

How to add Windows, Mac computer to HP wireless computer?

To add your computer to your HP wireless computer, follow the commands below


  • From your Windows device, access the settings, Devices, and Printers
  • Select the Printer to add
  • Then click on the icon, Add Printer and go forward with the onscreen commands


Mac users can go to the System Preference Settings and choose the option, Printers, and Scanners. After selecting the option, click on the icon, Add Printer. The list of wireless network connected Printers will appear

After selecting your HP wireless OfficeJet Printer, click on the icon, Add

What if you come across HP wireless OfficeJet Printer setup issues?

To fix issues while connecting HP wireless OfficeJet Printer to the network, here is the troubleshooting guide to fix it

  • At first, verify the Wireless network SSID, Password used to connect your device to the network
  • If you are using WPS connection method, ensure to choose the appropriate settings
  • Check if performing a device restart can fix HP wireless OfficeJet Printer connectivity issues
  • Configure a new network if possible
  • Use a good quality Ethernet cable to establish USB setup for Wireless
  • Place your Computer, Printer close to the Router
  • Update your Printer, computer software with the latest version
  • Restart your Printer using the appropriate settings. The restart settings may vary and depend on the Printer used
  • Printing a network configuration page can also help to get rid of network issues
    • To print the test document, go to the device control panel
    • Now click on the wireless icon
    • The wireless menu will appear on your device screen
    • Now click on the icon located near to the Settings
    • Tap on the icon, Printer port
    • After navigating to the configuration page, you can press the OK button
    • Verify the test document to check the network settings, the Wireless network SSID, Password used
  • Meanwhile, check if any other alternative methods are available to establish the network connection
  • If any hardware issues occur, service your Printer once
  • Do not proceed with the setup if HP wireless setup settings are not clear
  • Also, reconfigure the security settings on your device
  • You can also run a security scan using the tools such as HP Print and Scan doctor


What to do if my printer fails to recognize the wireless network?

If your Printer fails to recognize the wireless network, check if your device is placed close to the Router. Make sure that the Wireless setup settings are accurate. Set up a new network connection if possible. You can also try restarting your Printer, Computer, and Router once. It’s equally important to update your device software with a new one

What are the compatible methods available to connect HP wireless OfficeJet Printer to the network?

Check out the common methods used to connect HP wireless OfficeJet Printer to the network

  • HP Wireless setup wizard
  • WPS or Wi-Fi direct  method
  • HP auto wireless direct
  • USB setup for Wireless

How do I connect my Phone to HP wireless printer?

To connect your Phone to HP wireless printer, enable the Wi-Fi direct feature on your Mobile device. Also, turn ON the feature on your HP wireless OfficeJet Printer. From your Mobile device, find the Wi-Fi direct enabled Printers. Select your Printer and enter the Wi-Fi direct username and Password to activate the connection

What causes HP printer wireless connectivity issues?

Check out the common reasons why you come across HP wireless printer connectivity issues

  • Wrong network SSID, Password used
  • The faulty router used to connect the Printer
  • Hardware issues
  • Software error
  • Invalid wireless network settings
  • Placing your device far away from the Router
  • Security threat

Can wireless Printers work without Wi-Fi?

Even if you do not have Router access, you can print from your Mobile devices or Printers using the Wi-Fi Direct, HP Wireless Direct feature available. Enable the feature on your Mobile device, and then add Wi-Fi Direct enabled Printer

Double-check if the feature is available on your mobile device before you begin the setup

Enter the Wi-Fi Direct user name, password to establish the network connection. Verify the credentials before using it. Else you may get stuck with error codes

After establishing the network, you can securely print your documents, Photos. You do not require a wireless access point to use the feature

How to purchase the best wireless Printer?

To purchase the best wireless Printer, you can consider the features such as

  • Design features
  • Wireless, wired connectivity options
  • The Printer Size
  • Print speed and quality
  • Cost
  • Print, Scan, and copy resolution
  • The type of cartridges
  • Media handling capacity
  • Ease of use
  • Image quality
  • Reliability
  • Resale value
  • Availability of the Mobile Printing features

How to find my wireless network SSID, Password?

If you are using a Wireless router, the password may be labeled on your Router. Printing a network configuration test page can also help to find the wireless network credentials

If you still find any issues to find your Wi-Fi password it’s better to contact the Printer customer support

Note that the wireless network passwords are case-sensitive. Ensure to provide the valid credentials to proceed with the wireless setup

How to print using HP wireless Printer?

To print your documents using HP wireless printer, follow the instructions below

  • At first, turn on your Printer, computer
  • Now select the appropriate settings to activate the network
  • Add your device to the Printer
  • Select the document to print
  • Click on the Print icon
  • Wait for the Printing popup menu to appear on your device screen
  • Select the print preference settings such as Color, paper size, print quality, paper orientation, and much more
  • Finally click on the icon, Print
  • Check the print quality and speed before proceeding with the remaining Print jobs
  • It’s good to avoid performing multiple Print jobs at the same time. Else you may get stuck with Printing issues

How to reconfigure HP printer wireless settings?

To reconfigure HP printer wireless settings, here we explain the steps in detail

  • Turn on your Windows device and the Printer
  • From your Windows device, select the Printer name
  • Access the Utility tab
  • Now tap on the icon, Printer Setup& Software
  • Find the tab, Reconfigure Wireless Settings
  • Now follow the onscreen instructions to reconfigure HP printer wireless settings
  • You are requested to wait until the configuration process complete

How to download HP printer software?

  • To find the software compatible to use with your HP wireless Printer, access the HP software download portal. Then navigate to the tab, let’s identify your Product.
  • Enter the Printer Name, Version
  • Then wait until the software search results to appear
  • After choosing the compatible driver, tap on the option, download
  • Finally, go forward with the onscreen guidelines that appear
  • You can also use the tools such as HP easy start to find and update the software automatically

How do I get back my HP wireless OfficeJet Printer Online?

The troubleshooting tips below can help to get back your HP wireless Printer online

  • To get back your HP wireless OfficeJet Printer online, disable the Printer online settings.You can go to the device control panel. Then tap on the option, Devices, and Printers. Now right-click the affected printer and click on the option, Printer offline to disable it
  • We also recommend using the Print and scan doctor tool to fix the issue
  • Also, check the hardware connection
  • If software issues persist on your device, upgrade or update the software with the latest version
  • Remove the devices connected to the Printer and connect back again

Get help to connect your HP printer to the wireless network by contacting our Printer customer support team. Also, refer the latest blog post on our portal for more updates

Let us experience hassle-free printing using HP wireless OfficeJet Printers