HP Wireless Printer Setup and Troubleshooting For Mac Os X


HP Wireless Printer Setup and troubleshooting For Mac Os X

Steps to setup the HP printer for Mac OS X

  1. First, run the apple software update
    • Click on the Apple Menu
    • Select Software Update
    • The ASU will check for updates
    • Click on Install once found
    • A prompt will request you to enter the administrative name and password
    • Switch on the printer to its ready state
  2. Add the printer using the USB connection, wireless or AirPrint
    • For USB connection:
      • Connect the MAC OS X computer to the printer with a USB cable
      • Click on Install – on screen instructions will allow you to install the software
      • A print queue is created
      • To set preference, click on the Apple menu and then on System Preferences
      • The verify if your printer is available on the list of available devices, click on Print & Scan
      • Click on the Software Update in the Apple Menu
      • Select Install once the HP Software updates are available
      • Enter your administrative account name and password
      • If required, restart the printer to complete all software updates
    • For a wireless connection:
      • Connect the printer and the MAC OS X computer to the same network
      • Set the System Preferences by clicking on the Apple Menu
      • The printer will be listed in the available devices under Print & Scan
      • Select your printer name under Nearby Printers and click on Add
      • For printer software installation, click on Install
      • Enter administrative account details when prompted and restart the computer if required
    • For AirPrint:
      • Turn the printer on
      • Connect the MAC OS X computer to the wireless or wired network
      • Enable Web Services on the HP Printer
      • Make sure that the latest firmware version is installed on the printer
      • Set the System Preferences under the Apple menu
      • Add the printer by clicking on Print & Scan to verify availability of the printer
      • To add the printer, click on AirPrint in the Use box and click on Add
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