Introducing the HP Latex Printer

The HP Latex printers series is a boon in the world of printing. If you are looking for a profit in your graphics business, HP Latex printer is the one stop destination. It has the ability to print an ample range of media and documents with the help odorless ink. Additionally, the printer series turn out your job faster up to 4o percent.

HP Latex 315 printer price in USD

The price of the HP Latex printer 315 is 10,995 dollars. However, the price includes HP’s 1000 dollars instantaneous rebate of the original price.

Latex printer 315 –

The HP latex printer 315 is a water-based HP Latex technology which delivers a versatile and high-quality image along with good productivity. It easily fits in small workplaces and features front media loading. The printout comes out dry and produces sharp and consistent picture quality. The benefit of using this printer is that it is a device of low maintenance.


HP Latex printers

HP Latex printers


Eco solvent Vs HP Latex printer

  • The HP Latex printers use the technology of thermal inkjet whereas Eco-solvent printers use Piezo technology for printing. One of the advantages of Thermal Inkjet Latex printing technology is that it delivers high image quality whereas the print quality starts degrading over the span of time.
  • The 300 series of HP Latex printer is easily compatible with sensitive materials such as low quality banners. On the other hand, solvent based printers require a unique coating for porous materials like canvas and papers.
  • The printouts of the eco- solvent printers are easy to scratch for which you have to laminate them multiple times. However, the HP Printer third generation delivers printout cannot be scratched easily. The Latex ink features an anti-scratch agent which helps in keeping the printouts smooth.
  • The efficiency of the HP Latex printer series is far more as compared to the Eco solvent printers. The Latex printer delivers fast and quick printouts which is a very important factor for the growth of your business.

HP Latex 365 printer price in USD

The HP Latex printer price of model number 365 is 16,995 dollars. Moreover, you can achieve an HP’s 3000 dollar instant rebate with the actual cost.

Featuring HP Latex 335 printer

The 335 HP Latex printer possess an automatic X-axis cutter which allow users to delivers the printouts instantaneously. However, the printer also produces high and superior quality printouts with sharp quality. The cartridge size of the printer is 775 mm and supports different media types like the banners, films, papers, canvas, synthetics and many more. Additionally, it has a printing resolution up to 1200 * 1200 dpi

Latex printing technology

The Latex printer series is one of the most used printers in today’s date for commercial and business purposes. However, the latex printing technology is one of the very popular methods that have been blooming around. The HP latex printers are one of the first printers that use the water-based ink printing. The ink of the Latex printers contains refined formulations which also help to keep a check on the environmental hazards. However, the third generation HP Latex printing technology is the HP Optimizer which increases the efficiency of the printer along with premium picture quality. For more information call at + 1-800-237-0201 or visit here