Making Life Better In Space with HP

HP is on a mission – To make life better for everyone and everywhere. And by “everywhere” they literally mean everywhere. HP’s mission has extended past the boundaries of earth and into space. HP ZBooks are high-performance tools adopted by the ISS or International Space Station and at Mission Control. Intel and HP are now partnering with each other to launch a new competition – the “Life in Space” Design Challenge that will bring together some of the brightest and most intelligent minds from universities across the United States. Undergraduate students from prestigious engineering institutions will form teams that will be equipped with the HP ZBook Studio Mobile Workstation. These are powered by the Intel® Corei7® processors. The students will be on a task to design products that can be manufactured to improve life for astronauts when in space.

HP - Life in Space

The first phase of the contest will involve provisioning a conceptual sketch that will showcase the team’s idea. Their work will be submitted on a CAD file. The second phase begins mid-march where the teams will furnish their full renditions in a CAD file and on a video that will explain the overview of the design and the points that are envisioned by the product. The winning team members stand to win an HP ZBook Studio Mobile Workstation embedded with the Intel® Corei7® processors, ThunderboltTM 3 dock Notebook and bag and a 4-day trip to Orlando, which is inclusive of NASA’s Cape Canaveral and one day at EPCOT to experience HP’s Mission Mars Experience.

The desktops used for rendering are powerful and are capable of sending huge files. It has the capacity to store massive data files such as architectural plans or motion pictures etc.

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