Fixing Paper Jam Error – HP Laser Jet Printer

When the HP laser jet printer such as the HP Officejet PRO 6230 and HP Officejet PRO 6830 to name a few, encounter paper jam problems, the issue should be handled with care. Usually, a technical breakdown after applying the print command ensues in a paper jam. Here are some instructions that can help you remove the papers from the HP printers and avoid further paper obstruction:


Removing Paper Jams From The HP Laser Jet Printer

  • Scrutinizing the paper tray: Before any action, first, inspect the paper tray and extract the entrapped paper carefully. Remove any loose papers and other debris to circumvent any additional paper jams while printing. For a sheet of paper stuck, hold it on either side, with both hands and extract it gently. Do not use sudden force else the paper might tear out leaving behind the scrapped piece, which is extremely difficult to extract. To pull out jammed paper, never lift the front cover.
  • Removing paper stuck from the printer’s back: If pulling out jammed paper from the tray does not work, use the rear door of the printer. Open the printer’s rear access door and pull out the paper. For all technical issues, call expert printer support to resolve issues.
  • Carriage movement: For the HP printer to provide an uninterrupted output, it is essential to see if the carriage carrying the cartridge slides smoothly. It is only if there is free movement of the cartridge carriage, is the print output produced without a paper jam.
  • Open the front access cover to remove the paper jam: If the rear access door of the printer does not allow you to extract the stuck paper, use the front cover. The paper can be easily pulled out from the front access. If the problem still persists, it is indicative of a major technical issue. It is best to call the HP printer experts to solve the same.

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