How To Replacing the Ink Cartridges for the HP Envy 7640

What Are The Steps I Should Follow To Replace My Hp Ink Cartridge In Hp Envy 7640 Printer Setup?

When your cartridge runs out of ink, you definitely have to buy a new one. You must ensure that you buy genuine ink cartridges from genuine traders. Ink cartridges are specifically numbered according to the region and the printer may not be compatible with several other brands. All accessories are country-specific and have to be bought in that particular numbered order. The ink tank that you install during the first time HP Envy 7640 printer setup is available with the printer. When the HP Envy 7640 printer is turned on, it initializes to the country-associated ink cartridges. HP XL cartridges always provide a longer life. Just for your information the HP 62 and HP 62XL cartridges are compatible for the US, UK and Europe regions.

HP Ink Cartridge Replacement -HP Envy 7640 Printer Setup

Here are some steps you can carry out to replace your ink cartridge:

  • Load the paper into the tray and switch on the printer
  • Open the cartridge access door and gently press down on the cartridge to release it
  • Remove the both the tri-color and black-ink cartridges from their slots
  • Unpack the new ink cartridges and extract them out of the bag
  • Remove the protective tab and the orange tape from the cartridge
  • Slide the new cartridges back into its place – to do this tilt at a slightly upward angle and then push it
  • The cartridges will snap into place
  • Close the cartridge access door and wait for the printer to calibrate and align the new cartridges
  • Once alignment is complete, an alignment page is printed

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