Saving The Climate – Solar Energy System

Saving The Climate - Solar Energy System

HP recently vouched to go green-friendly and environment conscious. All of the private sectors is out to show its commitment to addressing the climate change issue. HP also states that they are going to cut down on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions erupting from global operations and join hands with pivotal organizations to strengthen relationships and improve environmental performance. GHG emissions from HP’s global operations will be reduced by at least 25% by the year 2025. Renewing its partnership with World Wildlife Fund’s Climate Savers Program, HP is set to achieve this significant milestone and accelerate efforts to drop GHG emissions drastically.

The company also aims to reduce its carbon footprint significantly in conformity with climate scientists. Indicatively, the global warming should be kept at an agreed threshold of below 2o Celcius to prevent the worst effects of climatic changes. The initiative began sometime in 1999 by the WWF Climate Savers that partnered with 30 top companies from different industrial sectors to reduce GHG emissions. Till date emissions have been reduced by over 100 million tons, which is equivalent to taking about 20 million cars off the roads. Last year in 2016, HP’s carbon footprint was estimated to have decreased by at least 5% of the total. The initiative is inclusive of the company’s aviation fleet, owned and leased facilities. The company has meticulously planned a three-phase approach to the program. The first phase will focus on improving energy efficiency in buildings and operations. The next two phases will concentrate on moving towards less intensive GHG energy sources, which also includes renewable power that will offset brown power emissions.

HP believes that lowering GHG emissions is good for the environment and beneficial for the company. A proposition benchmarking the reduction of GHG emissions by 3% each year by the corporate sector has to be stipulated to achieve the 2o Celcius threshold. The company stands to benefit by about $ 190 million by the year 2020 in the corporate sector alone under this plan.

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