Keeping Wireless Printer Connection Secure and Safe

Where wireless printing is a wonderful privilege it is absolutely imperative that you ensure security of your network. It is essential that you encrypt your network and secure your wireless network sharing with other users thus also securing your ePrint account.

HP Wireless Printer Security

Wireless printing and security

Here are a few steps to implement to secure your wireless HP Printer connection:

  • Change the manufacturer’s default name, the login and password to the router’s admin account
  • The SSID should be “on” or “enable”
  • Do not use the security methods such as Mac address filter or Disable SSID broadcast
  • The WEP Key encryption should always be in ‘Open’ mode, which is more secure
  • Encryption Type:
    • Use AES or Advanced Encryption Standard – this is the latest and most secure data encryption methodology
    • The WPA passphrase should be at least 13 characters
    • A strong network security is created when you use a combination of upper case and lower case letters, numbers and punctuation marks
    • Record your wireless settings for further use
    • When you have finished configuring click on ‘Ok’ or ‘Apply’

The need for wireless security: An unencrypted network is an invitation to uncontrolled breach of security. Conventional wireless technologies such as Bluetooth require proximity to communicate. With advancements in contemporary wireless technology, long-range connections such as the 802. 11n, can’t be restricted to a limited office space. This only throws the non-secure network range open to anyone – hackers gain access to valuable information that you are sending back and forth. The idea of leaving your networks open to other users may seem virtually harmless. But there are veritable chances that people might use the internet free or even send print jobs to your printer. Some of the dangers of an open network are:

  • Data overage: If your monthly data usage is limited then opening your network for a free access could create a data usage overage. Unwanted users could violate your ISP’s limit.
  • Privacy breach: Hackers could gain access to packets of information that contain your financial, personal and business information including your passwords and other private data.
  • Slow down: With more users coming in to use your access, the internet speed drastically slows down due to huge content upload and download.
  • Illegal traffic: Unpermitted illegal internet traffic may erupt due to many users having unrestricted access to your network. Legal actions could be imposed on you.

Follow the above steps for keeping your HP wireless printer safe and secure and if you need more technical support call our technicians at 1-800-237-0201 or visit