Windows 10 Printer Problem Troubleshooting

Upgrading the computer or laptop to Windows 10 offers users with several computing advantages. At the same time,  you could also face issues setting up your HP ENVY 4500 printer. If print outputs are reluctant then it is only prudent to refer to the manual for a solution. Surmised below are a few actions to achieve fundamental troubleshooting:

Printer Troubleshooting - HP Envy 4500


  1. Partial installation or updation: Windows 10 is either incompletely installed or has failed updation altogether. In such a case, functionalities are bound to be affected and printer performances go unsupported. The printing task is not accomplished and the device fails to provide an output. It is imperative, therefore, to update Windows 10 fully.
  2. Print Spooler checks: HP Envy 4500 printer spooler errors occur when the spooler malfunctions. Primarily, check the spooler – you can find the status of the print spooler in the control panel under view local services. If it indicates that the spooler has stopped, you can click on it and start it. Print spooler errors are common in HP printers.
  3. Reinstalling the HP printer software: Uninstalling and reinstalling the HP Envy 4500 printer software are typical troubleshooting methodologies that more often resolve the issue quickly. The HP print driver along with the software can also be reinstalled. You have to uninstall all software and programs before reinstalling them. At this point, it is also crucial that you download the latest driver and software for re-installation.
  4. The Scan Doctor Tool: An extremely helpful tool, the HP Print and Scan Doctor detects and rectifies the actual printer problem. You can download the Scan Doctor and run it, which automatically triggers the troubleshooting process and resolves the issue. Call the HP Printer Tech Support team if the matter of contention does not resolve with the Scan Doctor.

If these methods does not fix printer problems in Windows 10 then you can call our HP Printer Tech Support team at 1-800-237-0201.