WPS PIN on your HP Printer

WPS PIN is the eight-digit code generated by the HP Printer to establish the wireless network. You will receive a message to enter the WPS pin while proceeding with WPS or Wi-Fi-protected setup. Using the PIN, it’s easy to activate the network. Here is the article to read if you do not know how to find and use WPS PIN

Wi-Fi-protected setup is safe, secure, and fast. Hence the connection is widely preferred by printer users. If you prefer connecting your printer to the network using WPS, we suggest compatible methods such as the WPS Push button and Pin mode

WPS works for wireless networks that use network passwords encrypted with WPA or WPA 2 security protocols. The latest HP printer models support this feature. Complete the Wireless setup process and proceed with the remaining Printer setup steps.

to find WPS PIN on your HP Printer

The WPS pin will appear on your device screen. You can make a note of the eight-digit pin to proceed with the wireless setup. The generated pin will remain on your device display screen for a few minutes

If the code expires, you are requested to collect a new pin

Where can I find WPS PIN on my Router?

If you are using a WPS-enabled router, find the pin at the bottom of your Router. The WPS button is often marked with the label WPS. Note that the WPS pin may vary and always depend on the Router model used


Find the reasons why we recommend WPS or WI-Fi protected setup to activate the network connection

  • WPS automatically configure the Network
  • Wireless Network SSID, Password is not required to establish the network
  • You can minimize or reduce network issues using WPS method
  • There are two modes available to complete the wireless setup
  • The network connection will be secure
  • It’s not a challenging task to establish the network if you understand the WPS setup settings
  • WPS or Wi-Fi protected setup can easily withstand security threat

Are you ready to find and generate WPS Pin to begin Wi-FI PROTECTED SETUP? CHECK OUT THE GUIDELINES BELOW

  • Take out the Printer from the package
  • Refer the device setup manual to identify the network settings
  • Now check if the hardware requirements or accessories are provided with the Printer package
  • If yes, identify the port to connect these cables
  • If the hardware setup is complete, turn the device ON
  • Now go to the device control panel
  • Then press the Wireless icon on your Printer
  • Confirm that the Router used is WPS enabled
  • If yes, hold the WPS icon on your Router for at least three seconds
  • Select the option, WPS pin
  • Follow the on-screen commands that appear
  • The eight-digit WPS Pin will be visible on your device display screen
  • Make a note of the WPS Pin
  • Now access the Router configuration utility tool or software
  • Enter the WPS Pin to complete the wireless setup
  • The wireless light will turn ON once if the network is active
  • Ensure to provide the valid Pin to avoid errors
  • You can now add your Windows, Mac device to the Printer
  • Note that the settings to add your Windows and Mac device may differ
    • Windows device users can go to the settings, Devices, and Printers
    • Mac users can navigate to the system preference settings and tap on the Icon, Printers, and Scanners to add the Printer
  • After adding your device, select the document to print
  • Then proceed with the Print settings
  • Finally, wait until the quality Print outs to arrive
  • You can also use WPS push button method to activate the network connection. Select the Push button mode and follow the onscreen guidelines that popup

What if you come across errors while using the WPS Pin?

To fix errors that pop up while using the WPS Pin, here we suggest the common tips and tricks available

  • If your WPS Pin is not working, make sure that the hardware connections are secure
  • Disconnect the cables connected to the Printer, Computer and connect back again
  • Purchase a new cable to replace the old one
  • Request a new WPS Pin if the existing pin is not working
  • Reset the network settings on your Printer
  • Also restart your Printer, Computer and Router once
  • Keep your Printer, Computer close to the Router
  • Do not proceed with the setup if the WPS setup methods are not clear
  • Print a wireless network test document to verify the Network settings
  • Ensure to use the WPS enabled Router
  • Deactivate the Network and connect back again to fix the common errors that pop up on your device screen
  • Make sure that the Printer, Computer used support WPS
  • If the error codes persist even after troubleshooting, it’s better to replace your device with a new one
  • Meanwhile check if any troubleshooting tools, software’s are available to use with HP printers
  • Check if your Printer driver is updated with the latest version. If not, we suggest navigating to the appropriate software download portal to find the compatible software version

What if you do not fix WPS setup issues?

If you do not fix WPS setup issues, it’s hard to complete the Printer setup. Hence we suggest resolving the error codes at the earliest. Troubleshooting is easy if you understand the error cause


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What is WPS pin?

WPS Pin, the eight-digit security code will be generated while executing WPS or Wi-Fi protected setup. You can use the Pinto establish a secure network connection. Make a note of the eight-digit pin code displayed on your Printer screen and access the Router configuration utility tool to enter the Pin

WPS pin works only with a wireless Router

Remember that to establish the network using WPS, you need a WPS enabled router

  • To generate WPS Pin
  • Navigate to the device control panel
  • Select the option, WPS
  • Choose the WPS Pin method
  • Follow the on-screen commands
  • The eight-digit WPS Pin code will appear on your device display screen
  • Note that the code will remain on the screen for a while
  • Make a note of the code to proceed with WPS or W- FI protected setup

Do all Routers support WPS?

The answer is yes. The latest router models support WPS feature. Find the WPS button located at the back of your Router. Press and hold the Wireless icon on your Printer and the WPS icon on your Router to begin WPS (Wi-Fi protected setup)

You can also manually enable the WPS feature on your Router by installing the appropriate software. Check out the reviews available before purchasing a WPS enabled router

What are the operating system versions that support WPS?

Check out the operating system versions that support WPS

  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7, 8.1 and 10

The Mac operating system versions do not support the WPS feature

How to enable WPS settings on your Router?

If your Router is brand new, here we explain how to enable the WPS settings on your Router

  • At first turn on your Router
  • Then navigate to the Router configuration menu
  • Access the basic security settings
  • Then enable the WPS feature
  • Finally, apply the settings
  • Restart your Router if any error codes popup
  • You can refer the Router setup manual to find the other settings on your Router

Why is WPS light flashing on your Router?

If there is an error connecting your device to the network using WPS setup, the WPS light may appear. You can check if the red light continues for more than 30 seconds. If yes, begin the troubleshooting right away. Restart your Modem and check if the errors resolve. If not disconnect the cables connected to the Router and connect back again

If the error codes persist after troubleshooting, replace your Router with a new one

What is the difference between WPS and WPA

WPS, Wi-Fi protected setup is preferred to establish a secure wireless network. There are two modes available to establish the network. To use Wi-Fi protected setup, you must have a WPS-enabled Router. WPS is not compatible with wireless networks that do not use the passwords protected with WPA security protocols

WPA or Wi-Fi protected access use the security protocols to ensure secure access between the Wi-Fi connected devices

Is WPS faster than WiFi? How to troubleshoot slow speed NETWORK?

WPS connection protects your network and it has nothing to do with the network speed. If you are experiencing slow speed internet, follow the tips below to fix it

  • At first, reset your Printer, Computer, and Router
  • Configure the network settings again
  • Always place your Printer, Computer close to the Router
  • Update your device with the latest  software
  • Make sure that you are not using a faulty router. If yes, you can replace your Router with a new one
  • Perform an internet speed test to check the network speed
  • Verify the network settings by printing a network configuration page
  • Set up a new connection if possible
  • Do not place any electrical interference between your Printer, Computer, and Router
  • Ensure to use the valid Wireless network SSID, Password to establish the network
  • To establish a secure network, you can choose the setup methods such as WPS or Wi-Fi protected setup

How do I Print a wireless network configuration page to verify the Wireless Network SETTINGS?

To know how to print a wireless network configuration page, follow the instructions below

  • At first, turn on your Printer
  • Then access the Printer control panel
  • Click on the wireless button
  • Then wait for the Wireless menu to appear
  • Access the settings icon
  • Find the option, Print report
  • Finally tap on the icon, Wireless test report to print a wireless test report
  • You can refer the report to verify the network settings, check the wireless network SSID, Password used
  • Note that the settings for printing the test report may differ for each printer

What if your Router does not support the WPS button?

If your Router does not have a WPS button, we recommend using the web-based setup using a secure internet browser. Check the compatibility of other connection methods such as Wi-Fi Direct, Wireless setup wizard. To find the alternate settings available, navigate to the device control panel

HP WI- FI direct provides a direct connection to your Printer without using a local wireless network

Refer the device setup manual to understand how to proceed with the settings. After activating the network, proceed with the other setup settings on your device

What are the top HP wireless Printers available in the market today?

To begin your purchase, we suggest the top HP wireless printers such as LaserJet Pro M15w wireless printer, DeskJet 3630 wireless printer, HP Envy Pro 6420 wireless printer, HP Office Jet Pro 8025, HP LaserJet Pro M15w wireless printer, HP OfficeJet 5255 All-In-One printer, HP Sprocket 2nd Edition photo printer, and HP ENVY Photo 7855 All-In-One printer.

How to connect MY ANDROID phone to THE WPS router?

If you are using an android Phone, here we explain, how to connect your device to a WPS router

· Turn on your mobile device, router

· Tap on the WPS button on your router

· Now access the Wi-Fi preference settings on your android device

· Choose the option, wps push button, or pin method

· Find and execute the onscreen commands that appear to connect your android device to the WPS router

· Double-check and make sure that you are using a wps enabled router before proceeding with the setup

· You are requested to wait until the connection process complete

Why did my WIFI stop working after pressing the WPS button?

If your Wi-Fi stops working after pressing the WPS button, use the tips and tricks below to fix the issue

  • Keep your device close to the Router
  • Do not exceed the time limit to collect and enter the WPS Pin
  • Ensure to use the valid Pin to begin the setup
  • Re-establish the Network connection again
  • Check the quality of the cables used to connect your device to the Router. Meanwhile ensure that the cable connections are secure
  • Reset your Router to the factory reset settings
  • If the Router used is faulty, replace it with a new one

How TO turn off WPS on my Router?

Would you like to turn off WPS on your Router? Find the settings here

  • To turn off WPS settings on your Router, navigate to the Router configuration Menu
  • Then click on the icon, Wireless settings
  • Now find the basic security tab
  • Finally, choose the option, turn WPS off, and apply the settings
  • These settings may vary and depend on the Router model used

How to choose the right HP wireless Printer TO PERFORM THE PRINT, SCAN, COPY AND FAX FUNCTIONS?

Let us help you to choose the best HP wireless Printer. If you are expecting high-quality printing performance, HP is the right choice

  • Before choosing HP wireless Printer, consider the features such as Print Speed, Print quality, Monthly duty cycle, Mobile printing, Duplex, and borderless printing, Media handling capacity, Image quality, Ease of use, Design, Resale value, Network or wireless connectivity settings and much more
  • Check the cost or price
  • Plan your budget
  • Finally, wait for the best deals to start your purchase

Do you require any help to find the WPS Pin, execute the WPS setup?

If you require any help to connect HP printer to the network using WPS setup, reach out to our HP printer customer support executives right away. Also, visit our website portal for more updates